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This has led to the spread of various cultural norms across borders. The adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human rights in 1948 sought to enhance the acceptability of the…
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How can people be achieved between cultures
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Download file to see previous pages John Stuart mill and John Locke advocated for upholding human rights earlier than other scholars. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that they were the one responsible in the formulation of human rights. The universality of human rights cuts across various cultures. Even though appreciation of the rights occurred in the Western world and as characterised in both the American and French revolution, the historical development of human rights is much older (Marek, 2010).
In an attempt to understand the current global cultural politics, modern scholars draw insight from modernity. This view holds that modernity originated from the West in a Judaeo Christian setting. The interrelation between economic, scientific, philosophical and artistic revolutions led to an understanding of novel ways about people, the environment and political power. These thoughts did not lead to globalization, but through military skill and economic imperialism the Europeans contributed to modernity (Reus-Smit, 2011).
There are many opinions on what constitutes human rights, the perceptions differ from an intellectual or political point of view. Additionally, the differences seem to originate from the historical evolution of human rights. Human rights originate from people with diverse backgrounds. Another view holds that human rights can be divided into; whether based on an individual’s status or status of group, the degree to which people are treated depending on success or acknowledgement, the importance of rights, obligation and thoughts on the interdependency between the two or the emphasis on economic and social rights vs. civil and political rights (Plantilla & Raj, 1997).
The result of the cold war ushered in a period with many uncertainties. There was an end to the super power enmity and the North-South divide. Nevertheless, this period concurred with many world problems including unemployment, poverty, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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