The Issues of Race Gender, Ethnic, Institutional Disparities, and New Racism in the Societal SEt Up - Assignment Example

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Name Professor Course Date Introduction The society has quite a number of ways of creating allotment, from the places of work to the habitations of people (Browne 2011). The divisions have been viewed to be concentrating, on gender inequality, racism, institutional inequality, ethnicity and the new racism…
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The Issues of Race Gender, Ethnic, Institutional Disparities, and New Racism in the Societal SEt Up
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Extract of sample "The Issues of Race Gender, Ethnic, Institutional Disparities, and New Racism in the Societal SEt Up"

Download file to see previous pages To know if an organization is a culprit certain things should be taken into consideration. One needs to study the issues conclusively and relate the issues with his or her current environment. The issues of race, gender, ethnic, institutional disparities, and new racism, in the societal set up Gender stratification is one of the issues that affect people in their working environment. In working places, some organizations polarize women and men, in most cases, women are the less privileged in this matter. What causes gender stratification? It is clear that some cultures still refuse to see women as future oriented individuals who can be professionals in their places of work. Some cultures expect women to be home makers, they are expected to have children and take care of their husbands, when it comes to their professionalism the culture do not want to embrace the fact. Another issue that affects gender stratification is the upbringing of a person, their fathers and other male figures in their families bring some people up sheltered, they are not exposed, and they therefore, grow with the idea of shelter. To stop the outdated perception that men are better than women are. Women should be given the same opportunities as men to find out the party that brings home the best of the baking. Women who wallow in self-pity should also get out of their comfort zone and step to the challenge. In working environments, there is racial discrimination in some places of work. Some people have been had saying the vice of racial discrimination is no longer an issue; honestly, this is still one critical issue. Some organizations do not employ other races apart from the white race. In cases, where an organization employs a different race, it has been noted that the people employed from a different race are given demeaning jobs. The fact that someone is black does not mean that the person is not intelligent. The issue of race has been an attraction to politicians, who use this issue to their advantage. It helps to know that there are some laws that have come up to protect people against violation because of a person’s race. There is the issue of institutional discrimination. This issue begins at the recruitment process. Some institutions have been known not to advertise all the available jobs. Why do they do this? This is for the simple reason that the superiors in an institution want to give the jobs top close relations. The knowledge of the existence of the job vacancies is limited to friends and colleagues of the superiors in the institutions. Employment in an institution is based on recommendations provided. When the person that recommends a candidate for a job application has strong ties with the superiors in the institution, it is highly possible that the candidate will get the job. This vice of institutional discrimination is crude, and as much as people practice it, it is unfair. It is not fair because some intelligent individuals who are capable of taking the vacant positions in institutions are denied the chance to exploit their potential. People, who do not qualify for the positions, take up the positions because of their relationship with the superiors. This vice can be eradicated, by active reviewing of assumptions and practices by which an institution operates, and revision on those found to have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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