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Race, Ethnicity and Educational Attainment in the UK - Dissertation Example

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RACE, ETHNICITY AND EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT IN THE UK By [Name of the Student] Presented to [Name of your Professor] [Name of the University] [City] [State] [Date] TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract 3 Race, Ethnicity and Educational Attainment in the UK 5 Chapter One Introduction 5 Section 1: Overview 5 Section 2: Ethnic minorities in the UK: a brief history of social and economic inequality and discrimination…
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Race, Ethnicity and Educational Attainment in the UK
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Extract of sample "Race, Ethnicity and Educational Attainment in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages UK, with respect to the educational attainment of the ethnic minorities. This research work is based on the theoretical or doctrinal methodology. Consequently, it will be qualitative and critical in its analysis of the available literature on this topic. This research work consists of 4 chapters. The first chapter deals with a brief introduction to the topic. In this regard, many scholarly journals, academic books and authentic sources have been consulted. A discussion is provided, which reveals the present position of ethnic minorities in the UK is provided. Subsequently, the issue of racism and its effect on ethnic minority achievement in education have been examined. The second chapter examines the issues regarding contemporary education in Britain. Section I of this chapter deals with issues relating to disparities in education in the context of the schools. Section 2 of this chapter deals with, inequalities in the context of college and university education. The third chapter deals with the theories and policies of the government relating to the education of minorities. This chapter examines the education policies relating to minority children and the attainment of education by these children, from the perspective of the UK. Moreover, the present problems of the education system in maintaining equality among students from different backgrounds has been discussed. The fourth and final chapter deals with an analysis and discussion of the findings of the research work. Conclusions have been deduced and recommendations made to address the problems of education inequalities relating to ethnic minorities in the UK. This research work suggests that significant inequalities persist in the attainment of education by the ethnic minority students in the UK. Race, Ethnicity and Educational Attainment in the UK Chapter One Introduction Significant inequalities persist in the attainment of education by the ethnic minority students in the UK. Section 1: Overview The aims of this research work is to prove the contention that racial discrimination is persistent in British educational system. For achieving the main aim, the objectives to be considered are: A brief history of social and economic inequality and discrimination in respect to ethnic minorities in the UK. Disparities prevailing in the current educational system pertaining to the ethnic minorities in UK. Educational issues with respect to primary, secondary and universities in the present day context. Theoretical and policy issues pertaining to the topic in question. This work will prove a positive relationship between crime and poverty. Racial segregation involves the intentional separation of individuals on the basis of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin. Such acts are at all times unlawful. However, the according of preferential treatment to a female pupil on account of her pregnancy or childbirth, does not constitute discrimination against a male pupil. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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