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Synopsis of the Book; Black Men: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous Afrikan American Families - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Synopsis of the Book; Black Men: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous? Afrikan American Families Introduction Haki Madhubuti is an informed, passionate and caring commentator about the black culture, life, relationship and development and stability of the black community…
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Synopsis of the Book; Black Men: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous Afrikan American Families
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Extract of sample "Synopsis of the Book; Black Men: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous Afrikan American Families"

Download file to see previous pages This book offers some of useful and practical solutions for arriving at the solutions of the challenges and obstacles facing the African American society (Madhubuti 50). This eloquent but hard-hitting book gives instructions, blueprint and provocative reasoning of why Black American families are today in crisis and most of the book's critics is focused on the "men" in the in the black society who have are yet to stand up and fight for their recognition and space in the world (Madhubuti, 1990:56-7). Sometimes, with humour, Haki breaks down what the issue are the recommended solutions and what we should demand from each other as we take a collective responsibility in ensuring that the solutions are achieved in due course. Haki argued that it is the responsibility of every one ranging from: children, leaders, and Blacks mates. He does his work without being pious or condescending, but loving and stern, and with a lot of soberness. This book is helpful to those Black men seeking knowledge to find enlighten (Madhubuti 108). By acknowledging the fact that healthy families and communities starts with men and women who develops or makes them, Haki highlights the war on black manhood. He seeks to understand the definition of what a man is, the meaning of fatherhood, and discuses the need for proper relationship that should exist between black men and women (Madhubuti76-8). Synopsis of "Black Men, Obsolete, Single, Dangerous? The Afrikan American Family in Transition" Haki Madhubuti and Calvin Jones Black neighborhoods in the early 1960s are a far different case compared to the current neighborhood. Forty years ago black teachers, lawyers and doctors all lived in the community. These individuals served as the mentors and the role model of the society. The wide number of black people was involved in community guardianship whereby locals steps in for parents who may who were at work or who were otherwise detained (Madhubuti 118-9). This made the black children to be more comfortable as they knew that they were always being watched by the ever caring and concerned community members. Well respected and prominent members of the society relocated following the passing of the desegregation laws. Many people took this opportunity to seek for new opportunities and to head to the suburbs resulting to the isolation of the many poor blacks in a wanting situation (Madhubuti 100). Neighborhoods disintegrated overnight and because there was no stable tax base important infrastructures and social amenities such as schools fell into disrepair. Public policies and social forces further worsen the already difficult situation. The number of divorces in the African American society increased tremendously in the 1970s. Many young African students dropped out of school and the number of African youths involved in drugs and criminal activities increased (Madhubuti 198). Currently, black families living in the inner city still experience a myriad of problems. A good percentage of violence witnessed in American metropolises can be said to be as result of racial inequality and socioeconomic conditions (Madhubuti 124-8). Something worth noting is that; even the black families who move to the suburban areas were also faced with specific challenges. They did not receive the most appealing welcome from the locals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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