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Black Studies- Think Tank - Term Paper Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Black Studies- Think Tank Think Tank provides a mechanism of addressing issues of misery and developments in any given society around the world. The entire human population comprises of different integrated societies pursuing some common goals…
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Black Studies- Think Tank
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Download file to see previous pages In this context, members of one community sharing similar goals will organize themselves into structured systems meant to facilitate the realization of these objectives. Think Tank represents the most common mechanisms which serve to supplement the requisite tools and logistics of attaining the desired position in the major aspects of life. Think Tank finds diverse application in modern societies characterized by freedom of expression and civil rights (Medvetzn 34). In addition, modern societies display a pronounced division along the lines of material wealth position and other elements of social justice. Therefore, ethnic groups within such societies will structure mechanisms of addressing the economic and political disparities prevailing within their environments. In the context of American population, there is a pronounced disparity of wealth and power among the ethnic groups making up the nation. In this regard, numerous mechanisms for addressing this problem are in existence. One ethnic group in America with a myriad of issues is the Black population. Black Americans can address their issues with the help of purposeful Think Tank (Medvetz 42). In this context, we will acknowledge that the Black American population experiences numerous economic, political and social problems. Therefore, Think Tank tank will describe the underlying problems and provides illustrating recommendation on how these problems can be addressed. Before developing a way out for Blacks’ economic issues, it is procedural to acknowledge the various economic hitches operating within the Black population. Black societies appear at the receiving end of economic pinches and kicks. After the incorporation of civil rights into America’s political and social systems, Blacks entered another war for material possession. Currently, Blacks make up the largest portion of the 17% Americans graded as poor as per social statistics. In fact, 24% of Blacks in America are not able to gather for their basic needs like food and proper shelter (Medvetz 55). Because of their weak economic power, Blacks live in downgraded settings where they can afford shelters in deplorable states. Still on the aspect of economy, imprisonment of a substantial Black male population leaves their women vulnerable to financial insecurity. Statistics shows that 63% of single parent Black families are poor. In this context, the unfair legal system leads to elevated poverty levels among the Black families. Convictions and probations among the Black men tarnish their profile; hence, reducing their chances of getting employment. Therefore, most Blacks get their living by engaging in casual jobs and informal employments with minimal wages (Medvetz 57). In order to address these economic issues, every Black person should consider participating in mechanisms meant to increase the Blacks’ economic powers. These mechanisms may include acknowledging the role of education in bolstering the economic aspect of a society. Black families should prioritize developing their young generations along professional and technical lines. Blacks should utilize the available learning institutions by educating the society and increasing economic skills. In addition, Blacks should consider creating employment opportunities within their population (Medvetz 71). This will entail developing their local financial systems like banks and small business institutions instead of outsourcing products and services from the non-Black economic systems. In addition, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Black Studies- Think Tank Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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