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The Practical Sociology Model for Fees, Funding and Overseas Study: Mobile UK Students and Educational Inequalities - Essay Example

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This paper talks that sociology tackles the society at large in terms of various issues to be able to solve and make the community of people progressive, and to cater the rights of the individuals. It has become a discipline to better understand human interactions and their places in the society…
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The Practical Sociology Model for Fees, Funding and Overseas Study: Mobile UK Students and Educational Inequalities
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Extract of sample "The Practical Sociology Model for Fees, Funding and Overseas Study: Mobile UK Students and Educational Inequalities"

Download file to see previous pages As the discussion declares the sociological studies conducted have improved and have developed through time as the sociology as a discipline widens its horizons. The methods used in research include both the quantitative and qualitative ways. The cultural evolution in the past century had led to the proliferation of philosophic methods of inquiry and analysis in sociological research and at the same time quantitative development occurred through the instances of creating mathematical and analytical models that match up the technological advancement. The quantitative techniques involve analysis through the social media and networks and simulations and modeling. Sociology then is distinct from other fields that may have sociological theories also but the focus is not mainly the society. Sociology is a distinct discipline that specializes in studying all about the society itself from processes to issues to be solved through scientific methods.
This paper explores that truly practical sociology considers how the reality goes on in the world where people move and think about. It is practical since it dares to give accurate information that is easily applied to daily life for enhancement of the lives of people in the society. The information that practical sociology can give is easily used to liberate each individual in his life to make it a better one. It is also different from the known skills since the common skills are very specific and particular in terms of their application. Practical sociology is not a common skill as it empowers the people in the society which shows its scope is wider than common skills (Lemert 2007, p. 27). Sociology then has been heavily focused on theories which might now work all the time with the lacking of practicality. In that sense, practical sociology came to being as a sub-discipline which carefully got out of the one performance and action which involved theory alone. It serves as an alternative for deeper ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Practical Sociology Model for Fees, Funding and Overseas Study: Essay.
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