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Social Class and Race - Essay Example

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Social Class and Race Crash is an American drama film that was produced in 2004. Paul Haggis is the director as well as the co producer of the film. The movie tells a thrilling story on the lives of ordinary people in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. The movie was inspired by a true story in which Porsche nearly lost his life in the hands of armed carjackers…
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Social Class and Race
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Download file to see previous pages The first scene of this film is a crime scene where Don Cheadle a CIA detective tries to investigate a crime scene and the people who may have committed the crime. Ria was also heading to the scene before she encountered an Asian woman named Kim lee. The two are involved in an argument that later develops into a racial confrontation. During this argument, Ria tried as much as he could to conceal his CIA identity from the Asian woman. From this scene, issues of racism and social stratification are evident. Kim lee and Ria are involved in an argument in which, they tries to justify their driving rights based on their racial superiority. As the argument continues, Ria does not want the woman to know that she is a detective. The modern American society can broadly be classified into security officials and civilians. Each of the different classes has its own values and ways of life. The security personnel have secret values that should not be reveled to the civilians at any given cost. This shows that current American society is segregated based on professionalism. The next scene is on a gun store where Farhad tries to purchase a revolver from a shop owned by a Persian named Farhad. However, the deal fails to reach a successful conclusion since the shop owner is involved in a heated racial argument with Farhad. Farhad is a Muslim from Arabia who currently lives in America. Although Farhad has equal rights as any other citizens, he is considered being a second-class citizen due to his religion and country of origin. He is also considered less civilized and hence he cannot be trusted with a gun. It is also possible that the shop owner suspects him of being a terrorist. Gun ownership is legal in the US although the authority has been discriminating the people concerning the issue based on their origin and religion. This is an example of global development and inequality. America is a developed and a multicultural state, however issues of racial inequality are still rampant in the country. The US has a history of racism and racial oppressions. Slavery and slave oppressions are still in the memories of many people despite slavery having been abolished long time ago. The hatred between the white masters and the black slave still replicates in the modern generation. This issue is evident in the film where security personnel victimize the black people for being crime suspects. In the movie, black people are also involved with criminal activity that mainly targeted the white communities. In another scene, jean a Hispanic narrates to Daniel how they lost their car to carjackers who were black. In the movie, scenes of police stations depict cells that are full of black inmates. It is a fact that, people from the black community are not the only ones involved with crime. In such scenes, the movie director wanted to prove that the history of oppression between the black and white societies is still evident despite slavery having been abolished. Race and ethnicity is more than just the physical characteristic of a person. This indicates that racism is not because some people are white while others are black or some originated from Europe while others came from Africa or Asia. From the movie, it is evident that racism is based on more than the physical differences between people. The last scene of the movie shows an Asian man being set free by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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