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How to Deal with Addictions - Essay Example

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How to deal with Addictions Name University “He felt like an animal and animals don’t know sins, do they?” The pathological changes in brain, as a result of the intoxicating effects of alcohol, and the alcoholic’s mental impairment and behavior can lead to socially criminal offenses like rape, burglary and child abuse, largely affecting those around them…
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How to Deal with Addictions
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Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately for me, my father too, a chronic alcoholic, fell in the same category. Alcohol had indeed made him the aforementioned animal and he certainly did not realize the extent to which he had sinned, through a mix of his impaired and incestuous behavior. This is not about me, but five percent of the total victims of sexual harassment, who have fallen prey to none other than their very own fathers. (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network, 2011) Since a very tender age, I was subjected to sexual abuse. As a three year old, I did not know whether it was the paternal enchantment, which he was supposed to express neither was I aware of his intentions. As I grew older and came of age, my apprehensions transformed into reality and I could say with absurdity that my father’s feelings towards me were quite on the contrary to his socially expected role. It certainly was not the paternalistic behavior, my friends and cousins were used to. It was something else, something not right. His behavior towards me struck contrasting differences; when drunk, when normal; when in public, when alone. And when alone, he harassed and tormented me, every day, until I went to Gretna Green. Yes, I absconded from home. The Feminist and the Marxist sociological schools of thought have very rightly pointed out that male chauvinism and disparity amongst genders is one of the major problems, existential in all societies. These schools of thought state that the male hegemony that has been artificially created, aims at undermining the social status of females and exploiting them in order to present them as the inferior gender, out of the two(Kendall, 2008).My story helps these sociological perspectives stand strong, firm and proves them correct. The mere thoughts of being marauded by my very own father were enduringly embedded in my mind. They haunted me, caused paranoia and very often served as a constant reminder of my father’s superiority over me, his power, my submissive nature and vulnerability. Less did I know that it would give birth to yet another menace, a vicious cyclical process and i knew I had to adapt to it, I knew I had to face the reality now and to cope up with whatever happened to me and I knew this was the most possibly normal reaction to you van expect from anyone like me. According to an extensive research when compared to non-victims, females subjected to sexual harassment and incestuous & promiscuous behavior, more prone to the use of drugs to calm their nerves and to cope with the stress and depression they face (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network, 2011). Therefore, in order to numb out and push away the painful memories, I, like my callous, alcoholic father started abusing drugs. This was because my past had taken away the peace I had in life and had made me paranoid, helpless and despondent, than I was ever before. Abuse of drugs, at first seemed temporary and controllable at first but soon I started to lose control over it. Not only the abuse of drugs but I started to lose control over my emotions, my cognitions and myself. I did not know how to stop and where this would lead to until I realized the vicious cycle and a well of miseries, in which I had jumped myself. Mired by the abuse of Methamphetamines, or “Meth” as it is commonly known, I stood in front of a mirror and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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