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The effectiveness of residential programs in treating addiction - Research Paper Example

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It makes the addict not to be mindful of the consequences of addiction to himself and to those around him. Residential treatment centers are designed for persons who have serious drug…
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The effectiveness of residential programs in treating addiction
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Extract of sample "The effectiveness of residential programs in treating addiction"

Download file to see previous pages This behavior is a result of the effects of prolonged exposure to drugs on brain functioning. Addiction has an effect on multiple circuits of the brain including those involved learning, memory, motivation, reward and those that control behavior (Doweiko, 2009).
Treatment of addiction is not simple because addiction disrupts many aspects in the life of an individual. Effective addiction treatment programs incorporate a lot of components. Each component is directed to a particular aspect of the illness. Addiction treatment should be focused on helping an individual stop drug use, maintain a lifestyle that is drug-free, and attain productivity in the family, in society and at work. The fact that addiction is a disease means that people cannot stop using drugs at once and be cured. Many patients require long-term treatment and care to achieve sustained abstinence and recover from addiction. Clinical practice and scientific research have demonstrated the importance of continuous care in treatment of addiction.
Residential treatment centers form the best line of defense against drug addiction and several other compulsive behaviors. Although there are various levels of care for treating addiction such as one-on-one therapy, day treatment, and outpatient treatment, residential treatment is considered to be the most effective approach to rehabilitation for health disorders that are behavior related.  Thousands of residential treatment centers are available for individuals undergoing addiction recovery. The centers are geared towards dealing with all types of compulsions and addictions so as to assist the millions of addicts get their lives back on track.
Residential treatment programs are highly effective, especially for severe addiction problems. An example is the highly structured programs referred to as therapeutic communities where patients reside for 6 to 12 months (Doweiko, 2009). Therapeutic communities differ from other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Effectiveness of Residential Programs in Treating Addiction Research Paper.
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