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Social Work and the Group Process (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction Social work being a field that highly values and embrace service to the community at large gave me a clear understanding of the importance of the placement and I learnt a lot through my interaction with different types of people during this period…
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Social Work and the Group Process
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Download file to see previous pages 25). The idea of group work is essentially an important aspect in many of today’s work environments. Groups are the cornerstone of productivity and efficiency within the workplace. Many scholars agree to this fact saying that work that is performed by groups is better thought, reasoned out and presented than individual work and this is because people bring in different ideas that can be harnessed to produce a viable idea. Groups have continued to be part and parcel of the contemporary society because they are viewed as sources of ideas and innovativeness within the organization. Many agree that groups can elicit a lot of ideas that may have never been thought of by individuals within the organization (Tourish & Hargie, 2004, p. 15). The problem however is the complexities that come with working with or in groups. Groups are formed and disbanded with time, some wilfully while some are disbanded because of their differences that result from power problems (Dhenmozhi, 2007, p.87). Despite this groups are still very important and I learnt a lot through my interaction with other people during the time I was in placement. ...
We were supposed to create a workbook that explained the idea of direct payment and personal budget easily to the people with various disabilities and therefore I was requested by my educator to lead a team that was supposed to publish this workbook. In leading the group I was supposed to ensure that the people were equally represented and that races, disability and other diversity issues were considered during the selection of members to form the group. Discrimination was something that is not tolerated in the social work process. The opportunity to be part of the group was identified because of the need to create an informational workbook that would help people understand the operations of the direct payment and personal budget. Here we had to work in groups because a variety of information was required to create the workbook. Various people could contribute to the development of the workbook because of the different knowledge they had and this meant that the book could not be developed by a single individual as it required sourcing information from different people. The opportunity for forming the group was also identified because of the need to create and publish the workbook in a short while. Due to the increasing number of clients who needed to know more about the direct payment method and how the personal budget idea works a manual was required and was to be prepared and published in a short while. Therefore this meant that a lot of work was going to take place and this could not be done by a single individual. To increase efficiency a group was required that would work on the various aspects of the group and together a workbook would be completed in short while. It is important to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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