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Social Entrepreneurship - New Social Work Format - Assignment Example

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The paper «Social Entrepreneurship – New Social Work Format” discusses a possible conflict of interest that a social worker may experience when trying to solve a problem of a patronized subject, which may contradict the social service’s policy as well as alternative to outdated working methods. 
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Social Entrepreneurship - New Social Work Format
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Download file to see previous pages According to David (1984), a family is the surrounding in which the initial education of a child takes place. Be it a domestic household in the suburbs or a socially aggressive home with pretention and wealth or a homeless orphan whose family is the other shelterless people he comes in contact with. The foundation of free thinking, the realization of body, mind, and spirit reflect the surroundings a person grew up in. the treatment he was subject to in his early formative years define him as the person he will be for the rest of his life. The different characters in a family a have different roles and perspectives of family life. While for the children it is a means of entering society and personal integration, for the parents it represents the responsibility of their own as well as others’ lives.
Sociologists have categorized families into conjugal and nuclear families. The former are families with independent individuals leading separate ties with very little involvement with each other, while the latter explains a close family structure with strong codependent ties. Another popular name given to recognize a type o family is an ‘extended family’. An extended family is a set of families with genetically or legally related individuals. With time it integrates to form a kind of society itself with the family traditions serving as societal norms and the general culture of the extended family is reinforced.
Sociologist view family as a haven for the growth of individuals in society. It is a place of love and trust and intimacy that encourages the worldview of normalcy. According to Eitzen (1987) promotes domesticity, wholesomeness and a healthy environment for individuals to grow emotionally. For example in this economical and industrial world, the unconditional love and support of family is a welcome contradiction to the cutthroat vigor of commerce. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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