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Attitudes Towards Disabled People Are Now More Positive Than They Have Ever Been - Assignment Example

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Order#: 668391 Critically discuss the following statement: “Attitudes towards disabled people are now more positive than they have ever been” Disabled people experience differential treatment in the society from different corners (Swain et al., 2004). They generally get a feeling that majority section of people will take a final decision on all important matters in the society and the views of the disabled people are not given much importance…
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Attitudes Towards Disabled People Are Now More Positive Than They Have Ever Been
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Extract of sample "Attitudes Towards Disabled People Are Now More Positive Than They Have Ever Been"

Download file to see previous pages In general the performance of students with disability is found to be inferior to that of people with out any disability (Klein, Wiley, & Thurlow, 2006; Thurlow, Bremer, & Albus, 2008; VanGetson & Thurlow, 2007). This makes them to undergo severe mental stress and trauma and constant struggle. Group discrimination can be reduced by counseling the people about the right way of treating disabled persons. The disabled people will feel handicapped if they are subjected to some form of discrimination or barriers in accessing to various systems of the society. This may be in the form of cultural, social or physical barriers. In other words, the handicap is basically a function of relationship between the disability and their environment (Barnes, 1991). Hence, the normal people as part of environment should behave in such a manner that the disabled persons don’t get a feeling of discrimination. This is our social and moral responsibility and we should strive to take care of the genuine interests of the disabled persons. Disability occurs accidentally, but the handicap occurs only through our ill treatment and attitudes which can be very much corrected through different means. In the earlier period, the extent of negative and ill attitudes of normal people towards the disabled persons was found to be quite higher. The disabled persons had undergone severe setbacks in the form of lack of access to several means and services in the fields of education and employment. They were considerably discriminated in the name of physical and mental disability. This led to severe mental harassment and psychological agony among the disabled persons. However, in the recent days, there has been a remarkable change in the attitude towards this section. The approach towards the disabled people has turned more positive than ever before in our society. The role of legislation and judiciary in bringing positive change towards the disabled people is praiseworthy (Lawson and Gooding, 2005). In this context, attention is drawn to Public Law 94-142, Education for all the handicapped children act and Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These laws paved the way for better access of the disabled people towards education and employment. The Public Law 94-142 (Education of All Handicapped Children Act) is presently known as Individuals with Disabilities Education Act brought tremendous prospects for the disabled children in United States of America. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits the discrimination on grounds of disability in having access to means and services provided by Federal agencies in United States. This confirms the fact that the legislation played vital role in enhancing the living standards of disabled people in the recent years. However, the desirable change in the mindset of the people would provide a better and permanent relief than the forceful implementation of rules and legislation. It heartening to note that the positive attitude towards the disabled persons in the society has witnessed a phenomenal rise in the recent years. Thorough understanding of the causes and consequences of disability is vital in bringing a desirable change in attitudes and behavior of general public towards the disabled people. In several cases, the causes of the disability are not in the hands of the people as they are of genetic origin. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Attitudes Towards Disabled People Are Now More Positive Than They Have Assignment.
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