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The research process Name: Institution: Introduction Data collected from a research process needs to undergo analysis in order to obtain proper deduction form the research process. This data analysis is a process that involves the inspection, cleaning and transforming raw data collected with the main objective of deducting the required information…
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The Research Process
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper, I chose to describe data analysis through the use of transcripts of some conversational data. The method of data analysis chosen for this requires an individual to have knowledge of analyzing this form of data. As such, I will describe the process of data analysis and its antique aspects through the use of conversational data analysis technique. This is a technique that is also sometimes referred to as ethno-methodological analysis of data. Though the two names sometimes use separate techniques, they encompass the same aspects. Conversational data analysis, as the name suggests, is a data analysis technique used in the analysis of data form conversational transcripts. As such, I am going to validate the various characters of this method and its aspects such as methodological techniques and issues that affect the analysis of data. In order to depict this, I will apply this technique in the practical analysis of an example passage of a transcript conversation. Conversational data analysis Conversational data analysis, sometimes known as CA, is the social interactions study approach focusing on both verbal and non-verbal social conducts as they occur in everyday life activities. This method of analysis started with the main focus on casual conversations among different people but with time it evolved. Currently, it constitutes various aspects of the social environment including institution centered interactions such as interactions within educational settings, the mass media, help lines, and law courts. It has with time developed into a distinctive and successful technique in the process of analysis of social interactions (Heritage, 1999). At the moment, conversational analysis of data is widely applied in various fields such as linguistics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and speech communication. This analysis method is particularly fundamental in aspects such as discourse analysis, discursive analysis, and interactional sociolinguistics. According to Livingstone (2009), conversational analysis tends to be unique as a result of its principal focus is mainly in discussing social interaction processes and does not take into account larger socio-cultural phenomenon or texts. It also aims at investigating the resources and techniques used in interactional participation in order to produce interactional contribution and justify others contributions. In general, it can be stated that conversational analysis is not aimed at investigating the interactions productions form an external perspective to the characters reasoning and understanding of their situation and communication. Rather, the main objective is to model the methods and resources that produce those understandings. Methodological strategies in conversational analysis Conversational analysis strategies lie in studying the sense making activities in characters that are especially prominent in the interaction. These interactive situations may be those with great differences, such as the existing expectations or competencies. On the other hand, interpretative tasks or practical behavior necessitates the extraordinary efforts by members to sense make on the conversation. The occurrence of these situations may be either as purposely created or naturally occurring. Another strategy was developed in order to avert the challenges that arise due to such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Research Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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