Implement a data warehousing solution alongside the formation of a business analytics - Assignment Example

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Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) in the modern marketing scenario has become a credential element that assures appropriate survival and development of every business process. The concept acts like a central repository where data from multiple sources are accumulated and then…
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Implement a data warehousing solution alongside the formation of a business analytics
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Download file to see previous pages The concept also encompasses multiple other functional aspects such as data mining and process optimization (Kearney, n.d.). Apart from these, the system design of the data warehouse also varies depending on an organization’s functional needs. The detailed elaborations regarding such system variations are discussed in relation to which data warehousing can be performed effectively. Moreover, the present scenario also illustrates the structuring and implementation of a data warehousing solution within Morrison Plc, a leading supermarket chain currently functional within the UK. The company has been performing operations with the intention of meeting the needs of customers in an effective manner. In this regard, the company has adopted and implemented different strategies that are centred on the customers by providing distinctive products that .include food, integration with manufacturing business and craft skills. Subsequently, the company with the aim of attaining a competitive position has focused on value and quality of products and/or services provided to the customers (Kimballb, n.d.). The objective also encompasses the formation of a ‘business analytics department’ within the ‘corporate headquarter of Morrisons Plc’. Likewise, the discussion entails an in-depth elaboration of all the potential issues that may emerge during planning, implementation and systematic utilization of the data warehouse system (Kimballb, n.d.).
Morrisons Plc was founded during the period of 1899 as a small retail business process within the domestic markets in the UK. However, over time, this brand has projected drastic levels of expansion within its functional structure and thus, has eventually transformed itself as the fourth largest supermarket business within the UK. Morrisons plc currently holds a market share of approximately 11 per cent of the total supermarket retail business of the UK (Wm Morrison ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Implement a Data Warehousing Solution Alongside the Formation of a Assignment.
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