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Sociology Midterm - Term Paper Example

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Your F. Name Professor Name Sociology 31 17 April 2012 Midterm 1. The caste system in New Spain and Mexico resulted from interracial mixing of the various types of people in the area that came from a number of Europeans and Africans that resulted from the Spanish conquest…
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Sociology Midterm Paper
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Sociology Midterm

Download file to see previous pages... Spainards were at the top of the rank because of their government positions. Criollos were Spanish born in the United States and had middle class status. Mestizos and Mulattos were unskilled laborers or artisans. Since the Spanish were the pure blood higher class in the caste system, they were the ones that made sure that this caste system was in order and that they had the better jobs. Groups that had more Spanish ancestry in their blood were higher up in the caste system than those who had no Spanish blood. Anyone else who was light skinned or closer to “white” race were granted the ability to land ownership. A priest could grant citizenship to a newborn and donations influenced it. 2. The Crillos were the group that led the struggle for Mexican independence because they were kept out of higher positions in the caste system. African Amerians were fighting to gain equality. Indians and Mestizos were impoverished and mistreated. The struggle began because the French were occupying Spain which weakened the Spanish ability to control their colonies. When Spain departed, no one really knew how to run government other than the Spanish so it became a power vacuum. The Spanish also took all the money with them and Mexico became a broke country. Mines are abandoned and plantations burned and there was no stability, only chaos. 3. After the economic struggle, Mexico had a lack of development in the frontier areas which are now California, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. Trade was only legal within the borders during this time. Mexicans in the frontier area didn't think they were getting the support of their government. Americans believed the land was being wasted by Mexicans raising cattle. America began to offer millions to obtain the land that they believed could be used for farming. Santa Ana took power, eliminated the constitution that gave power to the government and decided that Mexico wasn't ready to sovereign themselves. States began to rebel against Santa Ana. Texas was colonized and approved by Mexico but this area was underpopulated so was difficult to govern. Other nations took advantage of Mexico's weakness. So Mexicans attempted to populate this land but many didn't want to leave. Mexicans settled in Texas because they had permission to create a colony of Anglo settlers there and had to become Mexican citizens, follow Mexican laws and convert to Catholicism. This led to illegal immigration across the borders between the U.S. and Mexico and U.S. citizens significantly outnumbered the Mexicans in Texas. The migrated Mexicans didn't particularly follow the new rules imposed on them and still felt a tie to the U.S. instead. The uprisings began but the Anglos were prepared to take over the government and take control of Texas. The goal was for the Anglos to expand the United States at the expense of Mexico and Santa Ana had agreed to Texas independence in return for his freedom because he had been exiled and upon his return, knew that if he agreed to sell the land, he would be seen as a traitor. The U.S. invaded but there was discrepancy over whose soil it really was. They only took the northern half because they believed taking all of Mexico would create a racial problem. 4. In the U.S., whiteness meant a lot more than it did in Mexico. Whites were at the top of the racial hierarchy and did not consider non-whites as equals nor did they have the same benefits as whites. Whites were more privileged and the U.S. used race to justify rights. There ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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