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Program evaluation - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Date Evaluation Program Program evaluation is the methodical acquisition and assessment of details to offer useful reviews about some object (Martland, 2011). It focuses on acquiring and evaluating details and also evaluating value or benefit because all evaluation work includes gathering and searching through data, making decisions about the credibility of the details and of implications we obtain from it, whether or not an evaluation is of value or benefit results (Augusta, 1990)…
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Program evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages Formative evaluation will include assessment of needs and evaluability. It will also include structured conceptualization and evaluation of process and implementation. Summative evaluation will include evaluation of outcome and impact. It will also include analysis of secondary data, meta-analysis, its cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit Project Identification This program to evaluate the effectiveness of the practicum experience of the social work program was carried out in Northeastern State University which is a community university with its primary university situated in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Students were randomly chosen to determine their scores at different times of the term. The project evaluation used was the summative evaluation that will include evaluation of the outcome and the impact it will cause. This system was preferred because most of the student’s performances were changing at different times of the year. To meet the educational objectives, there was an outcry to ensure that student performance improves as the year moves to the end. Methodology We are evaluating students’ midterm and finals in the social work program at northeastern state university. The student were randomly chosen where they were required to fill a practicum or one on one with the professor for a total of 220 hours across the semester. These were done at a specific time to ensure that every detail specified in the objective is covered. The supervisors in the assessment sheet recorded the student’s proficiency, at the mid-term and end term. Proficiency marks a limit across which the undergraduate passes beginning a journey of career long learning. The idea of proficiency here is that the undergraduate has perfected knowledge, values, and skills-i.e. methods habits that are necessary to commence entry-level generalist social work practice. The scale ranges from one to five, where one shows unsatisfactory, two needs improvement, student with three is satisfactory and four is above average, and finally those who score five has mastered the content. This enabled us to see which area the students failed most in order to devise how to improve. Data Collection The data was collected by the professor therefore it renders it impossible to identify the type of data collection technique. The only information that was delivered was the results obtained from the evaluation. The results were then classified as follows: 5- The student is fully competent in this area for generalist social work practice. 4-The student is constantly acquiring proficiency in this area. 3 -The student is gaining skill in this area. 2- The student has not yet met the expectations in this area, but there is hope for improvement. 1- The student did not meet the expectations in this area, and there is not much indication that the student will improve in this area. n/a -Not applicable, as the student has not had the chance to exhibit ability in this area. Data Analysis Three students were selected by the professor to compare their performance at different times of the term. The performance is a representative of first term analysis, which comprise of average between the total mid-term and end term tests. The data is an average of the objective as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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