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M4A2- Program Evaluation Method - Essay Example

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The company currently collects data using web analytics and combines it with its information systems. Web analytics is a tool for both business…
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M4A2- Program Evaluation Method
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of the Paper Assignment Number Submitted M4A2-PROGRAM EVALUATION METHOD Project introduction
A data collection and analytics company that has been operational for two years seeks to attain a 60% growth over the next 18 months. The company currently collects data using web analytics and combines it with its information systems. Web analytics is a tool for both business and marketing research, which improves the effectiveness of a website in advertising products and services. The company uses web analytics to provide information about the number of visitors to a website and the number of page views. The company currently uses both off-site and on-site web analytics to provide data and information on the number of visitors to a website and the number of page views. The company uses web beacons to collect and provide data about users by clicking on banner graphics, then storing the information on remote server. They are efficient to track data across multiple domains (Boehm, 1997). The company uses “information system” which is a network of software and hardware used to collect create and distribute data. The information system used by organizations to capture, transmit, store and retrieve information for the benefit of controlling the performance of the business, and produce specific products and services for customers (Bolcer, 2009). The company’s goal is to ensure that the target growth is attained at the end of the stipulated period.
The company’s mission is to bring data to the masses and making data-driven decision making a reality by building a sustainable data infrastructure and knowing where each team member fits in building an efficient organizational structure.
Boundaries and questions that should be asked
Every serious business contains boundaries that are agreed upon by both parties, that is, stakeholders and the program evaluator. Successful business professionals constantly ask themselves “what can I do and not do about this problem”? .This is an ethical question which if not addressed by evaluators in their boundaries can lead to practical difficulties and ethical violations that can threaten the project. Stakeholders in the project include current and potential funders, community partners, professional colleagues and consumers. The stakeholders will be interested in hearing about the program to ensure they will use the evaluation results. The questions will arise out of the goals and objectives in the program description, planning and the stated needs of the stakeholders. These evaluation questions will provide the foundation and direction for the evaluation with the stakeholders. In designing questions the convergent phase will be used. In this phase, the questions that are most relevant to the evaluation are selected. The questions asked by stakeholders during this phase will give them the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas concerning the program. Everyone in the meeting is allowed to contribute. In that case, the stakeholders will be the ones responsible to recommend the results of the evaluation.
The following are some of the evaluation questions in the course of the project
1. Who wants the evaluation and the reason for evaluation?
The stakeholders and the clients
2. What are the reasons for conducting an evaluation?
An evaluation:
 Provides information to stakeholders and sponsors such as the effects, potential limitations, or apparent strengths of the program.
 determines the need of continued funding
 indicates the program’s impact on participants
 Discovers problems or needs early to prevent more serious problems later
 reveals which program activities to continue and which ones to end
 Recommends improvements for the future
 Ensures quality and Informs staff about the program (Hall, 2009)
3. What resources are needed to complete the project?
Funds, staff and stakeholders
4. What are the political dimensions of this evaluation?
The laws and legislation of starting the business and government tariffs
Evaluability assessment
This is a systematic process that helps to identify whether a program is in a condition to be evaluated, and whether an evaluation is justified, feasible and likely to provide useful information. Its purpose is not only to conclude if the evaluation is to be undertaken or not, but also to prepare the program to generate all the necessary conditions to be evaluated. An Evaluability assessment generally deploys qualitative data collection methods such as desk reviews, secondary data analysis, and interviews with key stakeholders (Wholey and Hatry, 2004)
Methods/steps in conducting an Evaluability assessment
1. Involving intended users of evaluation information.
2. Clarifying the intended program from the perspectives of policymakers, program managers, service deliverers, and other stakeholders.
3. Exploring the program reality, including the plausibility and measurability of program goals.
4. Reaching agreement on any needed changes in program activities or goals.
5. Exploring alternative evaluation designs.
6. Agreeing on evaluation priorities and intended uses of information of program performance.
Boehm, B. (1997). A spiral model of Software Development and Enhancement.
Computer, 20(9) 61-72
Bolcer, G. A. (1998). Advanced workflow management technologies: software process
improvement and practice: Springer Verlang: New York.
Hall, R. (2009). Evaluation Principles and Practice. Evidence for policy and decision making.
Wholey,J.S., Hatry, P.H. (2004) Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation.
Evaluation training materials for UN Women Staff and Partners (2009) UN Women. Reviewed in December, 2010 Read More
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