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Supportive Employment Project - Research Paper Example

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In a typical society, there is the presence of people with a varied range of disabilities like physical or mental incapacities. These people ought to be integrated into the social institutions and facilities enjoyed by the able members of that community…
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Supportive Employment Project
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Download file to see previous pages The aspect of striving to achieve equitable social justice for every member of the society, regardless of the member’s ability level is practical on the employment platform. Every member of the society has to engage in some economic activities. In this case, even the disadvantaged members should get employment in the same places where the other people work. As a result, there is a need to structure a social justice system to highlight the problem of opportunity inequality. In this regard, emergence of supportive employment principles serves to address the issue. State authorities, local policies and political forces are working together to implement the principles of supportive employment.
In workplaces, employees expect to conduct their duties in a favorable environment which facilitate optimal application of their skills and resources in ensuring efficient productivity. For effective delivery of their duties, employees should be armed with the required set of skills demanded by the working environment. At this juncture, we should acknowledge that actual work places incorporate members with varied level of abilities. In this case, dispensation of the required skills to every employee in a work place requires varied efforts. Social justice systems aim at ensuring equal treatment of everyone in any social institution Therefore, the aspect of supportive employment proves beneficial in addressing inequalities in work organizations. The objectives of the supportive employment project are to facilitate equipment of disadvantaged members in a work place with the required technical and social skills that will help them to develop a health relationship with the customers, fellow employees and the entire community. The entire process of supportive employment facilitates the placement of these disadvantages members into a fair, competitive position in the work place. Implementation of supported employment projects takes into consideration some of the fundamental elements which include equitable distribution of financial benefits among employees, equal opportunities in integrated work places and the provision of continued support to these disabled members. The federal, state and local authorities are responsible for development and implementation of programs meant to address the aspect of disability in the society (Simons, 2010). Summary The social governing systems are working towards achievement of social justice in the economic and social systems. There are numerous systems that are operating within the US population, which aims at achieving the aspect of social justice. All the governing systems ranging from the federal, state and the local governments are working tirelessly towards implementing and ensuring continual adoption of social justice programs in the society. Supportive employment is the dominant route of achieving social justice in all these governing authorities. Federal, state and local systems have stipulated policies that serve to address the aspects of supportive employment. In this context, supportive employment programs like social security initiatives are the channels through which the funds committed by these social governance systems reach the disable members of the society. Supportive employment programs facilitate achievement of equality and fairness in the work place. Therefore, we will discuss the various roles played by the three governing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Supportive Employment Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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