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Poverty - Research Paper Example

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Poverty Name Institution Poverty Each passing day, the world witnesses various efforts meant to alleviate poverty in the contemporary societies. Some of these efforts range from delivering people from pangs of hunger to providing better education, transportation, and employment opportunities for the world poor…
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Poverty Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages However, most of these organizations seek solutions to poverty without addressing the key contributing factors to poverty. In this case, such organizations address the key contributing factors investigate the economic factors that contribute to poverty and effectively ignore the social factors contributing to poverty. Thus, the society tends to treat poverty as an economic problem but rather than an interconnection between the day-to-day social and economic prevailing conditions. In this regard, this expose addresses the social aspects that maintain poverty and propagate economic inequality among the world’s population. In the preceding years, focus towards fighting poverty and eradicating poverty were on providing economical means for the poor people to survive, which contributed to the development of the welfare system in America. However, the end of the welfare system meant that other methods towards ending poverty were of the essence towards ending poverty. In this case, focus shifted towards “the behavior, culture, and demographic characteristics of poor people than on the characteristics of the broader social structure, political culture, and economy that foster such high rates of poverty” (O’Connor, 2000, p. 548). ...
There has been a stagnating perspective on the incomes of the middle and lower class in the societies. In addition, it is evident that there are economic problems that nations, including the United States, encounter each day. In effect, the stagnant incomes and economic problems are two areas that should have been the focus of welfare reformers. Instead, welfare reformers focused on “eliminating dependency” (O’Connor, 2000, p. 549). As a result, this wrong area of focus in eradicating poverty has ensured that the economic gap keeps on increasing each day, and there is maintenance of the status quo. Krugman (1992) and Wolff (1995) support this by noting that there has been an increasing concentration of wealth amongst the top 5%, and more so among the 1% of this population (as cited in O’Connor, 2000, p 549). There are various reasons to economic inequality, which is ever growing each passing day. However, the fundamental reason is “a mismatch between the skills of less educated workers and the demands of better-paying, technology-driven jobs” (O’Connor, 2000, p. 550). In this regard, it is evident that the current economic society requires better-trained people who occupy the best paying jobs. In addition, the well paying job are an influence of technology, which ensures the less educated do not obtain the jobs due to the sharp digital divide between the less educated and those more educated. There is a tendency by the society to ignore the issue of the effects of social factors such as gender, class, and race on poverty. In effect, the primary area of concentration is on economic policies while paying scanty or little attention to these broader social issues of gender, class, and race. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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