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Kenyans in America - Research Paper Example

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Kenyans in America Name Institution Abstract The number of ethnic groups in America has increased significantly within the last few decades. The discrimination practiced in the country has challenged the adjustments of the ethnic groups to the American lifestyle for all this while…
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Kenyans in America
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Extract of sample "Kenyans in America"

Download file to see previous pages Lastly, the paper will conclude by bringing a personal opinion on the ethnic group in regard to failures and successes in America today. Introduction Immigration of Kenyans to America has been controversial in the past decades. Adjusting in a new country becomes a major problem to many people. It is hard to adapt in a country with a different set of cultural norms and behavior. Change of environment still becomes an issue at hand. Therefore, persistence and perseverance are obligatory for an individual to succeed in a set mission in the new country (Waters, Ueda, & Marrow, 2007). Lately, many Kenyans either have found their ways to America for business transactions, further education, or looking for job opportunities. This paper discusses how Kenyans adapt in America as their new habitat. Adapting to a new environment is a difficult task for most individuals forcing them to meet both optimistic and pessimistic issues. Some of the major negative issues that a Kenyan faces in America include language disparity and discrimination, or rejection. In a situation where English language is not the common language conversing with other people becomes hectic. This appears to be a major problem for Kenyans as they get in America. Kenyans struggle to meet the expectations of the new change at a faster pace what, ultimately, turns out to be in vain (Hao, 2010). This makes them feel desperate and homesick. They tend to despair in their mission in America and wish of going back to Kenya. Some lose hope and find their way back, while those determined persevere and persist cope with obstacles.. Rejection is a problem that many people face when they visit another country and, therefore, this issue does not concern only the Kenyans who visit America, but has become a global issue. Kenyans who leave their native land for America face quite a substantial amount of discrimination. Americans view Kenyans as blacks who portray inferiority both in political and economic sectors (Waters, Ueda & Marrow, 2007). An individual’s rejection in a country where he/she had hopes of achieving mighty plans becomes a painful experience. However, this provides a gateway to the great success ahead. Some of the Kenyans, who have successfully made it in America, depict that success does not come on a silver plate. An individual has to struggle to make ends meet in America. Despite the hardships faced by Kenyans who get to America, they turn out to be great achievers. An optimistic issue that arises as a Kenyan adapts to the America society is business success (Hao, 2010). A Kenyan who once went to America with aim of excelling in business, later confirmed that America was the best place globally where an individual could excel in business due to the combination of business networks and incubators, large qualified consumer market, fabulous engineering and business schools. Moreover, the social level experienced in Kenya contradicts with the America approach of socialism. America advocates for equality where an individual can freely interact with his/her boss, unlike in Kenya, where the well-connected people of political class become bosses for life. The interrelationship between the American bosses and their employees differs largely with the Kenyan bosses (Waters, Ueda & Marrow, 2007). This is due to the American bosses having knowledge about the existing social networking technologies. People have different perceptions about Kenyan citizens who end up living in America. Arguably, two trait ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Kenyans in America Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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