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Policy Paper on Issues Associated with the Aging Population, Marriage and Divorce - Essay Example

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Policy Paper on Healthy Aging through Promoting and Strengthening the Foundation of Marriage Outline Introduction The Health and Economic Impacts of Aging Welfare Reform: Proposed Changes in the Current Policy Conclusion Introduction Family as an institution is structured by the relationship through blood or even adoption, and by tradition, family is built around marriage (Macionis and Plummer, 2008)…
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Policy Paper on Issues Associated with the Aging Population, Marriage and Divorce
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Download file to see previous pages Along with this, what are overlooked are the effects of such weakening of the family institution, in particular, the impacts of divorce among individuals in the later years. Studies show the benefits of marriage among elderly such as the physical, emotional and mental health (Wilson and Oswald, 2005; Staton, 2008; Witherspoon Institute, 2008) as well as the advantages of married life on social and financial health (Witherspoon Institute, 2008). The current available policies in our society are primarily focusing on the needs of the older population such as social, health and financial assistance (National Academy on Aging Society (NAAS), 2010). Also, there are those who are focusing specifically on divorce and marriage (Lichter and Qian, 2007). However, no policies are implemented for preventive measures on the negative health consequences among the individuals in the later years through strengthening marriage. In this regard, to prevent the negative consequences of divorce and marriage in the later years, the marriage must be strengthened. Such preventive public policies must be implemented for the benefit of the older population and the society in general through its social, financial and health benefits. The Health and Economic Impacts of Aging The present – day policies in United States address the needs of the older segment through social, financial and health assistance (National Academy on Aging Society (NAAS), 2010). According to Caro, Moris and Norton (2000), the older segment, especially those who are living alone, is more financially disadvantaged than the rest of the population. In 1997, about 22.4 percent of older than 65 year old women living alone were at or below the poverty threshold. Meanwhile, 65 year old or older women with approximately 13.1 percent were just at or below the poverty line compared to 65 year old or older men with 7 percent. Based on the Social Security Administration, these older population depended for the assistance given by Social Security. It is the case that the unmarried women who were 65 years old or older depended slightly more than half of their income (51 percent) of their total income on Social Security, relative to nearly two – fifth (39 percent) of total income dependence among unmarried older men and 36 percent dependence of their financial profits for older couples. More numbers of older women are recipients of the SSI benefits relative to men. Indeed, women are significantly at risk of poverty in later years. This economic disadvantage among women in later years is explained by their major life transition events such as health problems, widowhood, and even divorce. Nonetheless, though the divorced spouses have been a policy concern over the years, divorced older women are not economically secured. Because the marital dissolution among these women is predominant at the later years, majority of them do not receive alimony. In this regard, they rely greatly on the assistance provided by Social Security. Likewise, it is the case that the received pensions at divorce via lump sum may not be advantageous to long – term financial security. Meanwhile, in terms of health assistance, the state recognizes the needs of the older Americans (Center for Disease Control and Prevention ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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