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Should Same Sex Marriages Be Legalized - Research Paper Example

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Name Subject Date Gay Marriage Introduction The issues of gay marriage are of high relevance nowadays. Unfortunately, the problem of discrimination still present, notwithstanding that a struggle with it is constant and serious. Sexual minorities still do not have enough rights in the society…
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Should Same Sex Marriages Be Legalized
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the global society blurs different limits and the globalized world makes the contemporaries think in the broader terms…Therefore, same-sex marriages should be considered as an integrative part of the modern society as not violating, but rather diversifying the norms of a traditional heterosexual marriage. Literature Review The New York State Senate evoked the issue of same-sex marriages legalization. The gay community finally succeeded. The proponents of gay rights have fought for their ideas and they proved that their considerations were based on humane and tolerant attitude for different members of the society (Rayfield, 2011). The idea of legalization of same-sex marriage has been developed for a long period of time by gays and lesbians and the sociologists considered it as a logical continuation of same-sex couples’ relations. Laura Kipnis positions same-sex marriage as an emotional and a social anchor of relations. The author does not make an emphasis on intimate or sexual side of their relations. She is more focused on a logical continuation and equality of rights of people. The US Constitutions from the time if its development was focused on equality of human rights and it is necessary to claim that people should be aware of their sound opportunities of having equal rights in any aspect of their lives. Same-sex couples are not intimidating for the society, as it is often claimed, because they are concentrated on their own happiness and they want other people to be happy too, In case they are prohibited to continue their relations or to make them legal, they will show hostile moods to other people. So, it is irrelevant for the opponents to seed grains of anger and sorrow. It is better to give a chance to same-sex couples and to support their intentions of creating favorable and successful families. It is inhumane and incorrect to position same-sex relations as a kind of deviance. Therefore, there are many studies and researches devoted to this theme and it is impossible to claim if opponents or proponents are right in this vivid discussion. Jullian Rayfield wrote the article “New York State Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill” (2011). She was focused on the process of gay marriage legalization. Different controversies occurred, but the author is sure that legalization of same-sex marriage would have positive effects. Republicans positioned themselves as the devoted supporters of gay marriage. They are sure that the rights of different people should be protected in the modern global world. On the one hand, it would be difficult for the society to accept gay marriages, because it is out of the frames of normality. Seidman (2008) underlines that condition for gay marriage legalization are unclear. Moreover, he introduces the example of the Justice Scalia, who claimed that defense of gay’s rights "employs a constitutional theory heretofore unknown" and it is based on "a novel and extravagant constitutional doctrine" (Seidman 2008, p. 135). This opinion can be supported, because the Constitution says nothing about the protection of gays’ rights and the country "has no foundation in American constitutional law, and barely pretends to" (Seidman 2008, p. 135). In the political and legal context, those parties, who support defense of gays’ rights they can make an attempt of implementation of certain amendments for the US Constitution. In the social context these issues are considered by Biblarz and Savci ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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