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Older Workers at McDonald’s Organization Name Professor Institution Course Date Older Workers at McDonald’s Organization McDonald’s is one of the American organizations that have contributed much on the business sector. The organization has managed to employ a large number of workers both young and the old…
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Older Workers at McDonalds Organization
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Older Workers at McDonald’s Organization Older Workers at McDonald’s Organization McDonald’s is one of the American organizations that have contributed much on the business sector. The organization has managed to employ a large number of workers both young and the old. However, some of the employees get old while still working in the organization. A number of reasons make workers remain in any organization. Some of these reasons include the advantage of receiving salary and health benefits that employed workers usually receive (Rothwell, 2008). Moreover, many employees continue to work in their organizations because of the pension investments that they earn. All the mentioned aspects of organization commitment tend to mostly relevant to be mostly relevant to older people. Workers tend to increase their aspect of commitment in an organization as their increase their tenure through the years in operation. Some organizations tend to treat older workers differently with younger employees while others treat all workers the same despite their age differences. This paper focuses on how McDonald’s Organization treats the older workers. McDonald’s is one of the organizations that value older workers as an added advantage on their operations. The organization believes that older workers are of significant importance in helping it in achieving various strategic goals. Older workers tend to be more experienced and they are skillful compared to junior workers (Rothwell, 2008). Therefore, the organization prefers to retain the old workers to employing new ones often. This helps the organization reduce turnover that it would experience in training new employees. Moreover, by appreciating and keeping the older employees, the organization maintains productivity cycle. In order to show appreciation to the older workers, McDonald’s treats them equally with the younger ones (Rothwell, 2008). McDonald’s Organization enhances a strong relationship with the older workers for the continuity of its business practices. This makes the organization treat the older workers without any discrimination. One of the main reasons that McDonalds treats the older workers with dignity includes bringing wealth to the organization (Rothwell, 2008). Older workers tend to have significance skills they have gained from other careers and this makes the organization maintain and to employ them. Moreover, according to the organization, older workers tend to make a strong relationship with customers (Rothwell, 2008). This is because they always have confidence from the experiences they may have encountered in life. Moreover, the organization states that older workers have a significant aspect of being brilliant in terms of hospitality (Shea & Haasen, 2006). Most of older workers in McDonalds work together with the younger ones. The younger employees look for advice in business related issues from the older workers and this creates a friendly working environment. Most of the older workers say that there is an anti-ageing treatment in the organization (Rothwell, 2008). There is a significant evident that older workers are treated the same as the younger ones in McDonald’s organization (Shea & Haasen, 2006). For example, the older workers get a chance in making advertisements for the organization. Some of such advertisements include the one that was done by Turner. According to the organization, it tried to demonstrate that the older employees have the same chances and opportunities with the younger ones (Rothwell, 2008). Part of the advertisement illustrated that Turner gets the opportunity of working with the young employees where they give support to the older workers if necessary. Other employees who had been given the opportunity of making various advertisement launches include Neville Green who was eighty years old by the time he appeared on the media (Rothwell, 2008). In McDonald’s Organization, older employees have the chance of getting the same benefits as any other employee. For example, older workers are eligible of receiving private health insurance (Rothwell, 2008). This opportunity occurs after three year’s service. Moreover, the organization gives older workers an opportunity to continue with their education (Shea & Haasen, 2006). The organization offers scholarships to the interested workers where they can undertake management courses or any other course of interest. The organization states that most of the older workers respond enthusiastically and they feel motivated in their jobs after engaging in various training practices (Shea & Haasen, 2006). McDonald’s Organization tends to give the older employees various tasks that favor their age condition and health (Rothwell, 2008). For example, instead of being the ones to prepare hamburgers, most of the old people get the opportunity to be in the sales department. Moreover, most of the old people get a chance to progress within a short period of service in the company. For example, Fairhurst who is one of the organizations senior officials illustrates that the organization managed to promote a 65 old woman from being a cleaner to a customer care role within a short period (Rothwell, 2008). The organization also manages to offer more shifts to the old workers as show of respect to them. This makes the older workers feel accepted and appreciated in the organization hence they are motivated in their daily obligations. ReferencesTop of FormTop of Form Bottom of Form Rothwell, W. J. (2008). Working longer: New strategies for managing, training, and retaining older employees. New York: American Management Association. Shea, G. F., & Haasen, A. (2006). The older worker advantage: Making the most of our aging workforce. Westport, Conn: Praeger. Bottom of Form Read More
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