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Sociology of Inequality - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Sociology of Inequality In every society, there are theoretical perspectives towards the structure of sociology. The structure has forces of economics that shape our lives according to applied history f our society. In this piece of work, I will seek to explain the outline of a society’s sociology structure with a number of scholarly researched examples…
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Sociology of Inequality
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"Sociology of Inequality"

Download file to see previous pages Question 1 Beeghley argues that sociology of inequality is like a geological stratum and conveys similar images since they both have ranks. According to analysts, every society has resources such as wealth, income, employment, power, and education. However, the level of distribution of these resources among different people differs. It is this difference of resource allocation gives birth to sociology of inequality. Unequal distribution of materials may affect positively or negatively one’s chances of life (Beeghley 10). Study of sociology has not had it easy all through. This is because; some sociologists such as Ralph Dahrendorf have risen to question its ability to transform peoples’ lives. According to Dahrendorf, most sociologists failed to recognize the importance of conflict of class in the American modern societies. In order to correct that, he saw that it was necessary to make the study of sociology an exact social science lesson possessing formulated postulates and testable rules. In addition, Dahrendorf criticizes sociologists by developing a series of assumptions regarding a society’s nature that are in contrast with other sociologists’ work like Moore and Davis. ...
Therefore, Dahrendorf found it worth noting that, class conflict drives every society’s stratification structure. Dahrendorf criticism would be relevant to Davis and Moore’s analysis of explaining the rise of inequality and stratification in modern societies in that, Dahrendorf found that other American sociologists could not realize the impact of class conflict in all modern societies of America. Therefore, he observed that it was worth making sociology stratification study an exact social science subject with theoretical models and precisely formulated postulates. This would make the study of sociology stratification a must to everyone in the society. Hence, his criticism would be relevant to Davis and Moore’s analysis. This is because it resolved to realize the significance of sociological study of society stratification to all as opposed to the formers’ analysis that sees the impact of sociological stratification study as an important tool of acquiring and filling the most vital positions by the most qualified persons of the society (17). Question 2 According to Karl Marx, capitalism was an exploiting and alienating social tool. Unfortunately, Marx Weber did not view it that way. Marx approached to analyze social stratification by taking two sides, revolutionist, and a social scientist. In order to attain social stratification in a capitalism society, Marx believed the society had to be stimulated against capitalism and its exploitive policies. In so doing, it will pave way for communist policies that allowed people to exercise collective and coherent control of their society and their societal needs. This move would enable people act cooperatively upon reducing the gap of inequality between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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