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Apply the Notion of Suthority in the Milgram Experiment to Robespierre and the Reign of Terror - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date People often find themselves working under coerced situations. This has been a very controversial issue in the society. Some people always find themselves captives of those in authority. An individual poses authority by making rules and regulations and making sure, they are implemented in the society…
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Apply the Notion of Suthority in the Milgram Experiment to Robespierre and the Reign of Terror
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Extract of sample "Apply the Notion of Suthority in the Milgram Experiment to Robespierre and the Reign of Terror"

Download file to see previous pages This aimed at making the students obey whatever they were told by their teachers. However, some students would keep quiet and this resulted to addition of the shock administered to them. This authority posed by the teachers ultimately led to obedience from the students. Psychologist Stanley from his experiment concluded that several people under authority tend to obey out of fear or due to the desire of appearing co-operative despite acting against their desires and own judgment1. This paper discusses in depth Stanley’s argument on authority from his experiment in relation to Robespierre and the reign of terror. The French revolution was one main challenge to the government. In 1790, Maximilien Robespierre attained weird power thus becoming the one of the most fascinating people to pull out of the revolution2. He aimed at putting an end to the revolution. He was the founder of the Reign of Terror, which meant that those who were subject to him lived with fear. This occurred due to the death punishment that was passed to those who opposed his ideas. Being the leader of the Committee of Public Safety, he remorselessly imposed his precise confidence to the French Nation. He executed those who opposed him mercilessly including those close to him. ...
Robespierre argued that the use of terror in his leadership aimed at a good and peaceful Republic. In his policy, he said that the end always justified the means. This explained that terror was nothing but administration of justice and the principle of a dictatorial government. Although terror was his tool against his opponents and those against the revolution, even his supporters felt the need to stop it4. However, according to Stanley’s experiment, they had to obey him against their desires in fear of death. They showed co-operation in everything acting against their way of will. The terror was the beginning of misery to the people. They were deprived of their rights and freedom to do according to their hearts desires. In need of building a peaceful and unite Nation, Robespierre led to an endless bloodshed community5. He was driven by power and greed of authority in ruling the Nation. His mean ways of manipulating people made him strong and full of power earning him courage against his opponents. Those who felt courageous enough to ask for their rights received a death punishment that increased fear among people. This made people experience suffering due to subjected pressure. However, Dalton gave up himself to call upon the end of terror. He did not optimistically succeed in his task sine he was deprived the right of defending himself. He then received a death punishment but left a comment depicting that the freedom of the people was to be attained within a period of thee months. It happened that at the beginning of another purge in 1794, people felt that they had endured a lot. In fear of facing death, members of his Convection rose up and shouted at him before he could even speak6. This motivated other people who rose up to defend their rights. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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