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The Culture of Fear - Essay Example

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The culture of fear Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date The culture of fear Modern day society is changing in terms of power, technology, behavior and preferences. In these times, major changes are caused by the fight to gain superiority and power politically…
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The Culture of Fear
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The Culture of Fear

Download file to see previous pages... The culture of fear in this case plays a major role in modern day society. The culture of fear undermines people’s abilities to undertake or approve high risk decisions. The culture of fear make people embrace what already exist even if it is not of perfection to them. According to Moisi (2009), the fear of those with hope and the fear of those humiliated are caused by political frictions of the world. The culture of fear is taking over the world’s population in an alarming rate. The most affected part being the western world. The major cause is that, once in the past three centuries, the West is not the leader – globalization does not belong to the Western World anymore. It is this fear that brings together Europe and the West. Moisi (2009) recognizes that, although fear is essential for survival, it may become too much and unbearable. In this chapter the author did not make it clear if the fear being referred has the common general understanding: the feeling of threat to ones financial, political and security state. After the September 11 attacks, the fear levels escalated significantly, but they were still existed even before the attack. This is clear indications that in the western world, majority of people have the fear to face consequences. Any threat to one’s personal and social life is enough to give people a reason not to act. The culture of fear was still evident immediately after the September 11 attacks. Instead of people having the urge of descent and revenge, all they felt and portrayed was remorse and fear. The government had to step in and assure people that they will accountability of the actions taken against America. Moisi (2009) asserts that, the young generation has greatly changed over the past years – they have no interest in changing the world, but rather to be shielded away from it. He measures up Europe to Venice – an amazing place to retreat but not a source of enthusiasm. The culture of fear is mostly characterized by the fear of the other factor. In the modern world, people have the feeling of negative emotion towards other people. The negative emotion shields the acceptance of people in certain organization or society. This in turn leads to the satisfaction of their existence which makes embracing change almost difficult to achieve. It is almost obvious that change is needed in the society, change from the culture of fear, which will see the society embrace the unknowns and have the chance to enjoy the feeling of freedom (Moisi, 2009). Globally and personally, the culture of fear has greatly influenced decisions regarding organizations and individuals. Fear makes one more concerned with protecting their outer world more than their inner selves. The fear of others makes people try and protect who they interact with; thus, neglecting one’s personal needs. This is the same case with modern day governments have the fear of being attacked at any point in time. This leads them to making decisions which are mostly aimed at strengthening border security and assess political ties with other nations. Consequently, the running and management of internal affairs is affected on a great scale. This leads to protests over the escalating levels of living conditions globally. If a nation’s internal affairs are managed in the same sensitivity as external affairs, good relations between governments and the society would be experienced. In a positive way, the culture of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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To what extent is our nation one that is unsettled in its sense of history and culture Is that something to fear, or is this no
However, even as this is being raised, the fact is that most Americans could not really explain what this means. Oftentimes, the definition of American that they can arrive at is one that does not typify the people in the collective sense but one that reflects what they want in life, what they desire in the future, and what freedoms they want to enjoy.
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The Rhetoric of Fear
The immediate response to the sense of losing self-determination and continuous danger was to provide to political authorities the power to initiate and to maintain war with the aim to keep the country in peace. This contradictory perception of reality was well revealed by the dissertation of President W. Bush the night of September 11th.
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This understanding of identity formation and the ways that the individual can reject foreign ideas based upon this is an exceptional means of understanding the way that fear, anger, rejection, and oftentimes violence can result from something as simple as a primal and innate fear that near or competing ideas could serve to provide a fundamental shift with regards to the way that the traditional order of things has previously been effected.
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About fear
About Fear Phil Baker describes fear as an unpleasant strong emotion occurring as a result of an awareness or anticipation of danger. Fear is a natural feeling that helps people in recognizing and responding to dangerous threats and situations. However, healthy fear that plays a protective implication has the potential to develop into pathological (unhealthy) fear that in some instances leads to exaggerated, aggressive and violent behavior.
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The Culture of Fear and The Stranger Next Door
While there are almost completely separate issues being discussed in each, there are similarities between the two books which should be duly noted. Stein's is a book which tells a story of organizing - both pro- and antigay - and it truly illuminates at a micro level how issues are able to erupt, and Stein paints a portrait of the town in question - Timbertown, Oregon - and of its lesbian business owners, and she has some very interesting things to say about antigay politics in the relative absence of gay men; in Glassner's book we are given a detailed and complex account of how the media works by creating widespread fear on the general public, making them terrified of certain things that th
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The study also targets development of an understanding of how, and whether, target hardening helps reduce such fear of terrorist crime and what other methods and strategies are available to management to alleviate this fear among its employees. Therefore, the review is organised to identify the constructs of terrorism, identify a psychological definition of 'fear of crime', followed by insights into situational crime prevention theory and the psychological impact of a terrorist attack.
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I am not afraid of making those I love unhappy, because this is not a natural way for me to be. This belief is supported by my fear of abandoning people who depend on me, of losing those I care about and of not having time to make amends if I have hurt them in any way.
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2. The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things by Barry Glassner
hat although there certainly are some things that Americans should be worried about, but this does not mean that Americans should fear everything around their existence and in doing so loose the meanings of life altogether. Glassner talks about the way in which media manipulates
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