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Sustainable Urban Dynamics - Term Paper Example

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SUSTAINABLE URBAN DYNAMICS (Name) (Course) (Section) (Date Due) (Tutor) Cities as “the complex system paradigm” for urban ecology Cities have emerged as complex ecological entities governed by divergent internal characteristics of growth, evolution, behavior and critical global forcing functions (Alberti et al 2003)…
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Sustainable Urban Dynamics
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, resulting from some identified challenges. Foremost, are environmental challenges of which climate change is the major global issue. The myriad of problems consequent from climate change include hunger, food, shortage, water scarcity and inadequate food sufficiency. Furthermore, the future unpredictable oil supply is another issue that will affect populations in cities. Secondly, the economic changes resulting from the process of globalization and economic restructuring pose another challenge. More specifically, are the negative economic impacts to women aligned in the casual labor segment. Furthermore, urban development plans will be occurring in a global economy plagued with poverty and high social inequalities. Key features and sustainability measures of Curitiba Eco-city Curitiba city has undergone dramatic changes to establish it as one of the best industrial and commercial hubs. The city is characterized by low crime rates, high educational standards and less pollution levels. (Rabinovitch & Leitman, 1996). The specific range of sustainability measures that were employed in the city were based on converting the city in line with nature’s requirements. For example the city adopted the use of public transportation to replace the private automobiles. Furthermore, they also increased the carrying capacity of the buses. Secondly, the city managers employed the use of incentives in its development plans such the public disclosure in relation to land (Rabinovitch & Leitman, 1996). Lastly, the city opted to adopt sustainable and appropriate technology in its operations as opposed to high end expensive technology. For example, the city in its effort to tackle its solid waste problems, adopted a garbage purchase program for low income communities. (Rabinovitch & Leitman, 1996). “Urban disorder” and “culture of fear” with implications in “gated communities and “politics of land use control” Urban disorder refers to the loss of control over social and spatial order as a consequence of increased urbanization. The manifestations of urban disorder include public incivilities such as drinking in the streets, graffiti paintings as well high crime rates within a neighborhood. Furthermore, it is also characterized by urban decline such as littering of the streets, a sense of powerlessness whereby an individual fails to take action against any injustices witnessed and moreover, a state of poor physical heath such drug addicts (Sampson, 2009). On the other hand, the culture of fear is based on the tenets of fears for urban disorders. Consequently, some segment of higher class are driven to live in gated communities by their own admission of the culture of fear for the dangers that lack outside of their own urban set up. In this case the residents are fearful of the possibility of crime and violence that are common with urban disorder. Consequently, the land use patterns are affected by these gated communities since more and more agricultural land is converted for development. Lastly, the reinforcing mechanisms of these exclusionary resident tendencies include the increasing differences in social classes between the rich and the poor, government expansion of regulatory laws such as zoning laws which have provision for family and neighborhood life. Distributive and Procedural Inequities According to Boon et al., the distributive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sustainable Urban Dynamics Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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