Deviance, Crime And Social Control - Essay Example

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As a person, I have come to realize that deviance, crime and social control are interrelated and are actually ascribed to, depending on where a person finds him or her self at a given time. …
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Deviance, Crime And Social Control
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, values that I may break at location A to be regarded as a deviant may not considered values in location B and so if I engage myself in them, may not be seen as deviance. A typical example of this situation happened to be while I traveled to the Eastern part of Asia during one holiday. I traveled with my family. Due to my family upbringing, I easily hold on to my sisters, hands, easily hug her in public and give her kisses on her lips. However, while eating in a restaurant and my sister entered, I met her, hug her and gave her a kiss on her lips. Immediately, I was accosted by a middle age woman who came to confront me and attacked me for being a deviant and immoral. As referred to by Rosenham (1973), variety in setting is the cause of all of this and so I was quick to admit that once I had gone to their own land, I was supposed to play according to their rules. This not withstanding, I admit and accept the fact that there could be specific acts such as murder, which are deviant, no matter where they are committed. The most important responsibility for a person at any point in time would be to stick to what Rosenham (1973) advises, saying that we should be in a position to detect sanity based on the response that the environment gives to our actions. Cite Works Rosenham, L. David “On Being Sane in Insane Places”. (1973). 250 – 258. American Association for Advancement of Science. SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS I have always held the view that the absence of institutions would have made our social word nothing better than a jungle. This is because institutions play a very strong role in ensuring that there is orderliness and that there are agencies that can be held responsible when certain things are not going right in society. One other component of the institutions and agencies that make them highly functional is the people who control the affairs within these institutions. As noted by Mills (1956), these personnel who form the faces of the institutions are able to function effectively because they do not operate on their own by according to the dictates of power that society itself puts in their hands. But in the midst of all these, I tend to have some confusion in my mind when it comes to the utilization of powers given to these social institutions. I agree perfectly with Mills (1956) when he identifies three classes of power elite namely the corporate elite, military elite and political elite. From my personal experience as a person, I have come to have a notion that society gives so much of its powers to these people who form the basis of the power elites that the people at times rise above their powers and above the people who put them in power. A clear example of such a situation can be given in a case whereby a person uses his financial authority (corporate elite) to influence a group of military men (military elite) to win political power (political elite). Indeed, until such a time that society makes people who head its institutions realize that the power belongs to the people, there will continue to be records of such abuses of powers till it comes to a time that such abuses enter our little family social setting. Cite Works Mills, C Wright. “The Power Elite” 1956. Oxford University Press. American Association for Advancement of Science. CULTURE To the best of my opinion, culture is a depiction of the dynamism of the human race. The human race is so complicated and complex that, all people cannot be expected to behave and react in exactly the same way for the same situation that happens around them. And so in terms of features such as language, food, music, family system, and the like, there are different ways in which many different people at different parts of the world ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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