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What Will the World Look Like in 25 Years - Essay Example

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Many people wonder how the world will look in twenty-five years. What will change and what will be the same? It is hard to predict everything. In 1980, no one was predicting the invention of the internet other than a few forward thinking individuals that were technologically savvy. …
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What Will the World Look Like in 25 Years
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Download file to see previous pages Even these individuals never dreamed of companies such as Google or Facebook that we use each an every day. We cannot predict everything, but with a little imagination, some technical knowledge and a look into the past, we can have a good idea concerning what the world will look like in twenty-five years. One of the most daunting ecological challenges facing the planet today is global climate change. Many dispute that contribution humans make to our changing environment. Over the next twenty-five years, our contribution to global climate change will be indisputable. The earth’s climate will continue to rise at a rapid rate. The result will be catastrophic in some areas while others will actually benefit from the rising global temperatures. In areas such as the Sahel in Africa, climate change will accelerate processes such as desertification. People living in marginal areas will be displaced at an increasing rate. This will lead to increased pressure on governments and international aid agencies. Unfortunately the worst effects of global climate change will be felt in areas that are already politically unstable and poor. This changing climate will cause an even greater divide between the rich and the poor nations of the earth. Other nations, such as the Maldives and other small island and atolls in the Pacific will actually disappear. The displacement of entire populations will be catastrophic economically and culturally for those affected and for the nations to which they flee. Despite all of this, there will continue to be individuals that doubt the veracity of climate change and how much people contribute to the phenomenon. Wealthy nations will continue to burn fossil fuels, even though they are increasingly rare and expensive, because they will still be more efficient than alternative renewable sources of energy. In twenty-five years the economy will still drive many of the decisions we make every day, even if they are not wise in the long run. The global economy will be radically different than it is today. The trend to breaking down trade barriers will continue, leading to further integration of governments into mega-nations. Europe appears to be fragile right now due to the amount of debt sovereign nations are carrying. Over the next twenty-0five years, the nations of Europe will see the wisdom in giving up more of their sovereignty in exchange for greater security. The European union will greatly benefit from a more centralized role from Brussels, Belgium, which will become the de facto capital of the unified European Union of Sates. Some important European countries such as Great Britain and Norway will continue to act outside the newly integrated union in Europe. This change in Europe will mean that the United States and Europe will dominate the global marketplace twenty-five years from now. China will have imploded as a result of totalitarianism and corruption. While still a powerhouse, China will see a fleeing of manufacturing jobs back to the safe havens of the United States and Europe when internal unrest threaten supply chains. The diminishing role china will play twenty-five years from now will benefit nations such as Vietnam and Indonesia but will actually hurt many other nations due to the trade ties they forged over the next twenty-five years. The global economy will enter a depression as a result of the collapse of order in China, but will rebound as consumers get used to buying less and paying more for it. The ability to communicate on a massive scale will also be radically different than it is today. Truly futuristic technologies such as hologram images and surgically implanted digital devices will allow busy workers and managers to communicate over great distances simply by sorting through a digital ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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