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Third World Economy - Essay Example

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TWE Abstract Political development is known to be the basic shift of thought while considering attitudes, values or institution. This paper identifies the issues related with political development such as economic and social reforms that are induced due to political development, especially in under developed regions of the world, where political instability is a must factor…
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Third World Economy
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Download file to see previous pages The region selected for the study is Asia, generally not known for its political balance in modern history especially after the fall of colonial rule. The major players in Asian politics are Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan and China. China as we all know have emerged as a future world power hence being negated from this search. The key focus of the research will be south Asia. The political, social and economic factors together will be weighed to understand the co-relation. Social Relation The social effects on a society due to political development are directly proportional in many aspects. Third world countries thrive in criminal statistics and the latest addition to the nuisance is termed as terrorism. Special groups unearth in the Asian region due to political instability as the government is unable to police the flow of crimes as they are self conscious of their own political stature. This can easily be seen in the Taliban of Afghanistan, militant groups in Pakistan and the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka. Violence is another social element that is difficult to root out when the political development is not in the right direction. ...
This is the very reason the developed countries are not in favor of investing their funds in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Just because of a constant threat of terrorism looming over all kind of installation in these countries, not only the investment has taken a blow, also the tourism industry has taken a jolt, resulting in a severe economic gap, that has been created especially for the population living on the average economy line; also all form of recreational facilities taken a hit causing a mass depression in all walks of life. This has brought an overall change in the process of political development. Due to this economic instability military regimes have time and again derailed the process of political harmonization. Not only this atmosphere has created unsuitable conditions for foreign investment, it has also made the local investors find other markets with prime profit generating conditions, bringing a double loss to these already under-developed countries (Kronstadt, 2005). Measures of Political Development There are certain factors which depict political growth in any region, especially those which are under-developed. Some of the factors which show improvement are explained in brief detail in this section of the report. The first and foremost indication is the betterment of living condition of the general public in the region. This is the first thing that the people invest in once everything is all right in their lives. After this, comes the right of choosing the right opportunity to work freely in a country, therefore making people satisfied with their existence in a socio-political setup. Furthermore, issues like child labor and women empowerment movements take front positions in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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