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Approaches to research in social science - Essay Example

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Approaches to Research in Social Science: Online Child Sexual Abuse By Female Offenders: An Exploratory Study. Name: Institutional Affiliation: Approaches to Research in Social Science: Online Child Sexual Abuse By Female Offenders: An Exploratory Study. Research Problem and Specific Research Questions The main aim of the research is to fill a knowledge gap and raise the understanding of the issue of online child sexual abuse by women offenders…
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Approaches to research in social science
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Download file to see previous pages Sex offenders have been using internet in order to reach for, and distribute filthy images of children according to Martellozzo, Nehring and Taylor (2010). The issue of child sex abuse has been viewed as a male- dominated crime attributed to their masculine nature. However, currently females have also been associated with sexual abuse of children, especially online. The central question in the study revolves around how women get involved as online sex offenders abusing children. Methodological Approach Methodological approaches are broadly classified into two; quantitative and qualitative. Qualitative methods commonly involve three methods of data collection; direct observation, open ended interviews and secondary data analysis. Typically, data for qualitative evaluation is drawn from the field and is often useful in explaining how and why things happen the way they do. On the other hand quantitative methods involve data that is in numerical form. Quantitative data typically seeks to answer questions in the form of how often, how many, where and when. Mostly, questionnaires are used to obtain data when quantitative data is to be obtained. The methodological approach used in the study is qualitative. ...
The expert interviews helped in giving insights into the ongoing children sex abuse by women. The study also involved analyzing police reports relating to online female sex offenses with children as the victims. These were useful in offering insight into the extent of women involvement in such crimes. Yet again, the study involved accounts presented by online sex offenders. The questions asked in the interviews were exploratory thereby requiring descriptive answers. The use of open-ended questions during interviews, associated with the qualitative approach, was important as it led to the establishment of vital facts. Research Methods There is various research methods have been used in this study. They include interviews both personal interview and online interview. During these interviews information on online child sexual abuse was recorded for future use. This was used in interviewing the experts such as the criminal justice field. Observation has also been another research method used in data collecting according to Kothari (2008). In this case the researcher would visit the internet and access those images of children which have been posted. Similarly researcher would appear in court during cases of those who have been convicted with such crime. Another research method used was the literature review whereby police reports and cases were used to determine the extent and rate of women child sexual abuse through online. The sampling strategy used in this study is probability sampling whereby those interviewed were randomly selected. In this respect the sample used was representative of the population of female offenders who target children in their online activities. In the study, fifteen online ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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