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How Can We Understand Women Sexually Abusing Children - Essay Example

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This paper talks that sex based criminal offences and its collective impact caused on the human society today, has certainly become a major issue and thus, has attracted ample attention amid the experts from the larger realm of sociology. Women are usually portrayed as victims of sexual abuse. …
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How Can We Understand Women Sexually Abusing Children
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"How Can We Understand Women Sexually Abusing Children"

Download file to see previous pages In majorly reported cases, adult men as well as juvenile boys are alleged for committing sexual offences by molesting females, where the victims ranged from young adolescent girls to adult and matured women. Abusers in such cases were majorly identified as either a family member or someone closely acquainted to the family or social circle of the victims in common cases (Hislop, 2013; Black & et. al., 2011). Notably, while men as sexual abusers committing child molestations remains to be a regular phenomenon, addressing women as child molesters has been a recent and rare observance in the so-called modern society (Thuet, 1994). Arguably, the persistence of these fundamental presumptions, portraying women as victims of sexual offences rather than as offenders of children molestation, has limited the scope of legal enforcers to practice an all-inclusive framework to counter such practices. Arguments have also centred to the debate that laws have been overlooking the fact that women can also be offenders to sexual molesters of children (Hislop, 2013). Certainly, women being usually represented as the guide and protector of children in the society, their involvement in such appalling criminal offences have jolted the sociology experts to identify the root causes that drive women to conduct these crimes. As argued by Robinson (2013), male offenders are most likely to be driven towards committing sexual crimes, preying on women and girls, owing to their sexual intricacies. However, women offenders preying on children to commit sexual offences related to a much wider and severe context of overall social failure. According to the statistical reports published in recent times, an average of 10,000 women, including around 7% of adult females and 27 juveniles, are convicted...
This paper approves that considering the mostly observed trend in female offenders’ committing sexual abuse on children, it was observed that the offenders mostly attempted to disguise their offenses owing to which they preferred targeting adolescents and often taking advantages of their social replication as protector of children. The case examples of Rosemary West and Vanessa George also revealed similar attributes although the two cases were distinct in comparison under particular categories. It is to be noted in this regard that such abuses affect children severely, as they are often forced to remain silent, given that the female offenders mostly belong to their family or neighbourhood circle, often parents. In the long-run, victimisation of such offenses can cause mental imbalances within the victimised child, and motivate them to commit similar crimes in their later phase of life, as was observed in the case of Rosemary West.
This study advocates that the society is also insignificantly aware regarding the issue of women sexual offenders committing child molestation, perhaps being sceptic of its severity and lack of know-how, often considering the issue to be a surprising and once in a while event. However, substantial awareness needs to be generated amid the society in order to deal with the issue, apart from improving the legislative framework. It should be noted in this context that implementation of an all-inclusive legislative framework can only be possible with the aid of a well aware society with regards to the issue involving women molesters, with due significance to the fact that the number of such occurrences are increasing rapidly in the recent phenomenon. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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