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Sexual Offences - Research Paper Example

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This paper, Sexual Offences, discusses the terms sex crimes, sex offenses and sexual assault which are always used interchangeably by law enforcers depending on the nation and their laws. According to UK Legislation, sexual offenses are committed by a sex/sexual offender…
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Sexual Offences
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Extract of sample "Sexual Offences"

Download file to see previous pages Abuse of the position of trust through sexual activity with a child, sexual activity in the child’s presence, engaging a child to watch any forms of sexual activities s and actions (acts) done in Scotland; family child offences; sexual offences against people who are mentally challenged; exploitation of prostitution; child abuse through prostitution and pornography; preparatory offences; sexual activities with an adult relative; trafficking. Another term that can be used to relate to sex/sexual crimes is sexual assault. The UK Metropolitan Police define sexual assault as a statutory offense that a sexual offender commits to another person without their consent. As noted by Women’s Health, sexual assault actions include inappropriate touching, rape, attempted rape, sexual intercourse without consent and child molestation. It should be noted that the terms sex crimes, sex offenses, and sexual assault are always used interchangeably by law enforcers depending on the nation and their laws.
In a case-controlled research study that was conducted by Sequeira et al. in a bid to investigate the relationship between mental health, mental illness, behavioral challenges and sexual abuse in individuals. It was revealed that sexual abuse acts were highly related to mental illness as well as behavioral challenges. In addition, these individuals were also known to have some form of post-traumatic stress and this is what led them to engage in such acts. In some cases, the research also revealed that sex offenders were also in one way or another psychologically reacting to similar experiences that had occurred at one point in their lives. Lastly, in some individuals (sexual abusers and/ or offenders), it was more of stereotyped behavior. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sexual Offences Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 Words.
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