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Ethical Dilemma - Is not Telling the Same as Lying - Term Paper Example

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Ethical Dilemma - Is not telling the same as lying? Theoretically, lying is considered as an easy task to escape from day to day problems in life. On the other side, telling the same or the truth is generally considered as a tiresome effort because it leads to further problems in day to day life…
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Ethical Dilemma - Is not Telling the Same as Lying
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Download file to see previous pages So, lying is with some values which help one to resolve serious conflicts but the same needs to be used wisely. On the other side, it is better to tell the same in a less critical situation because the same helps to have an escape with ease. But telling the same may not help one to solve severe problems related to human relationship. So, life must be considered as a mixture of telling lies and telling the same or the truth. Thesis statement: Telling is not same as lying because the analysis proves that lying leads to ethical dilemma, consists of a number of cons, and affects personal relationships. Analysis: ethical dilemma and viewpoint of knowing your best friend’s husband is having an affair and telling or not telling her One can see that knowing one’s best friend’s husband having an affair and telling or not telling her leads one towards ethical dilemma. Within this context, one must analyze the consequences of actions because it is utmost important to maintain healthy relationship with others, especially with friends. But Block (1980) opines that “If friendship conflicts in any way with romantic interest in a man, then women, we are told, will ruthlessly sacrifice the bond of friendship” ( p.29). To be specific, one needs to consider a number of consequences, both positive and negative. The actions that are to be taken by an individual in this situation must be analyzed because these actions are interconnected with a number of factors like honesty, respecting others’ individual rights and loyalty towards one’s friend. Besides, one needs to take an apt decision by considering the analysis of the pros and cons of decision making. Within the context of one’s viewpoint of knowing one’s best friend’s problem, the first step is to consider the consequences of telling or not telling her the real fact. One can see that the best possible way to be honest to one’s friend is to tell the fact about the affair, not to hide the same. Redner (2001), states that “Every ethics of duty spells out an ideal way of life and an ideal character model, one that can be roughly termed the gentleman scholar” (p.87). But one needs to be aware of the consequences of one’s decision. Here, the friend’s husband’s attempt to maintain an affair beyond his married life proves that he is not loyal to his wife. If he is loyal, he will not try to hide his affair. So, there is no need to protect this individual by hiding his affair. But in this situation, one may be afraid of the consequences of telling or not telling the truth to one’s friend. If one is loyal to one’s friend, one needs to be honest. To be specific, one’s friend’s husband’s affair maybe based upon mere infatuation. Here, by telling, one can save one’s friend’s family from further problems like divorce and related issues. If one’s friend happens to know that one is aware of her (one’s friend’s) husband’s affair and one did not try to solve the same, problem will become severe. Within this context, one’s trustworthiness and loyalty will be questioned. So, the best possible way to overcome this situation is to tell her about her husband’s affair. Pros and cons: ethical standards involved The most important advantage of telling the truth is that it helps one to be honest and loyal to others without negative results. Besides, telling the truth helps an individual to feel to be responsible towards others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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