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This study analyzes the major ethical principles and ethical challenges in the nursing care of elderly people and examines correspondent ethical pros and cons in this area with the aim of stimulating and contributing to critical comprehending of ethics in nursing…
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Ethics in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages This essay “Ethics in Nursing” discusses the role of nurses in dealing with elderly people and ethical issues of this profession. A nurse in the first place is accountable to people who really need nursing care. While doing her or his job, the nurse promotes an atmosphere in which the human rights, values, customs and sacred beliefs of the person, family and community are high valued. And it is a nurse who together with the whole society is held liable for beginning and promoting activity to satisfy the requirements of people actually that of vulnerable persons in the area of health and social necessities of the public. Among main standards in nursing care are the hard-edged ability to provide this care that supports standards of personal health and the unprecedented ability to increase confidence of public that keeps up standards of personal conduct. Thus, apparently these are both rules and laws that are commonly supposed to stand for the minimal written standards for nursing practice. For instance, there are also some laws that protect a patient from harm, though they certainly do not keep nurses responsible for the level of ethics that contributes to high quality nursing care. However, nursing cannot count only on external means such as laws and diplomas as well as just on self-reflection to give the profound guarantee of the ethical competence in care. Nursing competency from the ethical point of view represents a complicated system that demands a great number of means. In order to practice nursing competently it is necessary both to obey external means of nursing competence and to reflect ethically about competence.
A nurse must always bring up questions regarding the nature of ethical competence in their profession, for example, questions about general ethical standards in nursing care and ways to satisfy them (Thompson, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethics in Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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