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The Rise of Nurse Practitioners is a Sociological Sign of Change - Essay Example

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The rise of Nurse Practitioners is a Sociological sign of change Students School The rise of Nurse Practitioners is a Sociological sign of change Issue The rise of nurse practitioners in our current health care establishment is one of many changes to the health care system that can be traced to the way that society perceives the many different needs of the patients…
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The Rise of Nurse Practitioners is a Sociological Sign of Change
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Download file to see previous pages Within cultures such as the Australian, European, North American and most economically prosperous countries there is the perception of even more rigidly defined sects of monetary influence, the reality seeming to be that the more funds there are, the better care the patient receives. The common assumption that upper management receives better health care than their laborers is a common complaint. All of these variables have their own effect on the life style, health and overall well-being that populations the world over experience. As Germov (2009) stated many sociological factors have determined the amount, quantity, quality and overall effectiveness that each segment of the population receives. It is the overall state of the environment around them that helps to determine the most pressing health needs that the governing body must address. Previously, many of these decisions were based on economics, monetary policy and federal regulation, frequently followed by physical placement and strata of society. The poorest sections of society, from Melbourne to New York, in every society, report the most problems with health, continuous health care and are often denied any hope of future health care. These portions of society are commonly forced to suffer with maladies that could be easily cured in a better economic market. As Brown (2011) revealed, with the realization that sick people will continue to accrue regardless of how little the government wants them, the time for new and innovative scientific theories combined with sound sociological understanding, are needed to adequately address the needs of the existing population as well as the growing and continued issues that will arrive with the next generation. Recently there has been a building and resonating shift in the established thinking when it comes to health care. Deeply embedded within this overall shift is the ability for the competent nurse practitioners to assume traditional roles of doctors or expand their talents to encompass many useful and vital areas that have long been neglected. This has been an area that many nurses have been silently filling already, but not to the best of their ability. By recognizing their achievements and applying these advancements in the drive for better health care, both in the office and in the real world, society will not only benefit from a healthier physicality, ensuring a happier culture, but the over-all cost for the care of the population as a whole will become far more manageable. Theoretical perspective Burton (2011) was succinct when he states that people must be able to live healthy lives, health care solutions on paper rarely translate to truly workable solutions on the ground. As many legislatures and rule makers have discovered to their continuing dismay, reality is often times different than the picture painted on paper, events often change dramatically and rather quickly, which is hard for many to understand. This is a theory that is expounded upon vehemently by those with the experience enough to see the results of trying to implement policy with no regard for the realities of vastly different living situations that their guidelines are attempting to regulate. It is no stretch to view the different segments of the population and relate their primary health issues directly to their way of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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