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The concept of Self Image - Essay Example

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The Concept of Self Image “The concept of our self image, our sense of identity and gender roles, as well as the way we behave and think, are all determined by our environment, rather than any innate factor”. This statement is convincing because of the way that it is written…
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The concept of Self Image
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Download file to see previous pages As an example, a child who grows up in a home where they are told negative things about themselves may internalize this information and develop a low self-image. In a home where the child is told that they are wonderful and that they can do anything they want in their lives, the child may grow up feeling this way internally and continue to find a variety of successes throughout their lives. The first aspect of the socialisation process begins in the home. When a young child is growing up, their first exposure to an environment will be their home environment. The home environment will provide the foundation for their self-image and provide the self-image they will take into other environments. As the child ages, they may change environments to go to school. The school environment will build upon what parents have already begun, and this can create a conflict for the child as to how to behave. As an example, a child is taught certain morals and ways of behaving by the parent. Parents will discipline the child, and in a positive situation, the child will learn their boundaries and limitations. When they enter school, some of the aspects of behaviours may be the same, but some will be different, because the school will have an idea of what is necessary for the child to be successful in school. The child will have to adjust to being at home vs. being in school and act accordingly. Once the child reaches adolescents, they will also be exposed to the media via the television and then via magazines, newspapers and the Internet. They will continue to be influenced by their environment and continue to mould their self-image. Of course, most of their self-image will be developed by their home life, but these other environments will also have influence. As an adult, their self-image is primarily set, but they may have challenges with relationships because of the self-image they have developed. According to Mitchell & Shepard (2010) self-image is defined as the total ideas and attitudes that an individual has upon reflection about themselves. The authors suggest that these ideas and attitudes are “prototypes of the self” (142). The author’s research showed that the individuals who had more positive self-images were able to make decisions based on worth and value to themselves. This research shows that an individual with a positive self-image is more open to opportunities where they can see the big picture, although the opportunities may also be uncertain. When looking at gender, it is clear that men and women have a different way of seeing the world and their experiences may be different. As an example, many men are still receiving more income than women are and this could be one factor in the development of their self-image. However, this would depend on how they formed their self-image prior to this experience. If they formed a self-image that was positive because of their environment in growing up, they may perceive the experience as positive or see past the issue and find another job. Another reason why self-image is formed by the environment is that we have so many different factors that form who we are as people. As an example, several children can grow up in a household with different perceptions of their experience. This will create different ways that they perceive their self-image. A study by Huis in’t Veld & Johan suggests that the way in which a child attaches to their primary carer will have a bearing on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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