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Summary the The Power to see ourselves by Paul J. Brower - Article Example

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Brower talks about the concept of self-image particularly on changing behaviors among rising managers and how these behaviors are developed over time. The term self-concept in management is reasonably…
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Summary the article The Power to see ourselves by Paul J. Brower
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Extract of sample "Summary the The Power to see ourselves by Paul J. Brower"

An Analysis of, “The Power to See Ourselves” by Paul J. Brower The Power to See Ourselvesby Paul J. Brower
In its broad overview, the article, The Power to See Ourselves by Paul J. Brower talks about the concept of self-image particularly on changing behaviors among rising managers and how these behaviors are developed over time. The term self-concept in management is reasonably decisive as it expounds on managers’ development process and realization of individual potential. According to the article, managers ought to have steady self development and understanding on their own situation. It is sometimes complicated to advise inexperienced managers on how to grow in behavior. The only thing professional managers can do to new managers is to help them trust in themselves and understand their own situation.
Self-concept has an extensive impact on individual perception and abilities. The author has as well equated self-concept with a filter that screens and eliminates things that people do not want to hear or see and pass on those things that are favorable to individual’s public image. Self-concept also offers eccentric flavor to individual behavior. A part from its significance in understanding the general human behavior, self concept is exceptionally vital in explaining manager development, especially in the situation where the behavioral change is objective.
Referring to Brower’s observation, professional behavioral change is in most cases used to explain individual change in self-concept. The term self-concept deals with immediate and immerses changes in managers’ behaviors. As stated by Brower, an individual behavioral change is in most cases influenced by one’s past experiences and age. As people grow, they achieve new experiences and learn new things that are incorporated in their perceptive mass. This change alters individual perception on emerging issues and happenings. As a result, Brower observes change in managers’ behavior as a constant process in their career development (Brower, 1964).
Brower, P. (1964). The Power to See Ourselves. London: Harvard Business Review Read More
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