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Discuss and Evaluate the Claim that the Prison System is In Crisis - Essay Example

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This paper Discuss and Evaluate the Claim that the Prison System is ‘In Crisis’ shall discuss and evaluate the claim that the prison system is in a crisis. This paper will focus on the UK prison crisis, reviewing the current issues in the UK prisons and manifestations which evidence such crisis. …
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Discuss and Evaluate the Claim that the Prison System is In Crisis
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Extract of sample "Discuss and Evaluate the Claim that the Prison System is In Crisis"

Download file to see previous pages According to the essay findings building new prisons would not serve to provide a long-term solution to the prison crisis as these prisons would soon be filled with more inmates. The UK prison crisis has also been exacerbated by the fact that these prisons also hold a huge number of foreign nation prisoners who are awaiting their deportation.
As the report stresses the prison crisis being experienced in the UK is also associated with deaths in prison where reports have been revealed of deaths among inmates. Professor Phil Scraton of the Action Prison reform group mentions that treating inmates who were suffering from mental illnesses was not sufficient to resolve the crisis. Reports of dying inmates also indicate that there are gaps in the prison system and in the care administered to these prisoners. Lyn Edwards reports that her son died because the prison system did not fulfil its duty to provide care for her son; another prisoner awaiting trial for attempted murder also died because of the prison crisis. The UK prison system is also described by Lord Chief Justice, Lord Philips as a system in crisis with prisons highly overcrowded and with prisoners going to court without the assurance of going back to the same cell or the same prison. (Conservatives for Change, 2007). The prison cells which are built to accommodate one inmate are often occupied by two. In some cases, prisoners are often driven from prison to prison to find spaces to fit them in. In the end, up to 200 to 300 of these prisoners are forced to spend the night in police or court cells (Maltravers, in Allison, 2006). Chief Inspector Owers explains that this crisis was predictable, however, legislators ignored the predictions and they ignored the impact of the laws they were passing; moreover, there were no clear strategies within this prison system (Conservatives for Change, 2007). As of 2005, reports indicate that prison population already stood at 82,000, numbers which already represented an excess in the total capacity of prison estates (Conservatives for Change, 2007). The excess number of inmates was often housed in police and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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