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Running Head: journal collection Journal Collection Course ID Date 1) Normative Compliance: Usher, 14 Nov. 2013, UN helps eloped Saudi ‘Juliet’ Asylum Case, BBC.Co Normative compliance refers to following rules and standards provided by society or a group to which one belongs (Hatcher, Jaffery, Thebaud, & Bennett, 2000)…
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Journal Collection
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Download file to see previous pages Not abiding such social rules can not only lead to criticism from one’s social group but may also result in expulsion. A news article published in several newspapers and on electronic tabloid printed an example of Saudi woman not choosing to show compliance to norms of her society. The woman named Huda crossed border illegally to be with her Yemeni boyfriend whose proposal was rejected earlier by her family due to which she had to endure physical abuse as well. Analyzing Huda’s case indicates that sometimes non-compliance can lead to critical consequences as she is in jail right now while her trial is in progress. On the other hand, even if she is allowed to marry her desired partner or sent back to her family; life would not be the same for her. In the later case, a continuous social stigma awaits her where her family may disown her or made her to live in highly stressful living conditions. The given example illustrates how society views normative compliance to be an ideal behavior and considers its deviance to be punished or condemned. 2) Deterrence Theory: Joanna Moorehead, 19 October 2013, Life After Prison, The Guardian. The theory presents a notion that evaluation of risks and costs attached to committing a crime against the benefits offered by it. Current criminal justice system works on this premise and presents a rationale those stricter sentences, paroles and penalties may deter crimes (Ellis, 2003). However, had the theory been completely true, then there would have been decreasing number of prisons and lesser crime rates globally. These facts indicate that perhaps rewards and risks attached to a crime are not the same for everyone. Therefore, a uniform approach may not be helpful. However highlighting costs and modifying them according to segment being addressed may help. An article published in the guardian describes a story of two sisters who were convicted of drug trafficking can be used as an example of effectiveness of deterrence theory which highlights failure of justice system’s punishment and effects of society’s negative behavior as the major deterrent against crime. The article explained how Kemi and Tasha Ryan survived prison after being convicted. Since severity of their crime was known to them while committing it therefore one cannot consider jail sentence as a major deterrent. What made them suffer the most was aftermath of their crime which included lack of social support, unemployment and respect in society. Ryan sisters have established a non-profit organization which aims to educate youth about sufferings attached to committing a crime other than jail and probation itself. Hence, the theory does work however it needs to include a notion that altering punishment by individualizing it may act as a major deterrent instead of having a uniform approach. 3) Labeling Theory Howard Becker’s labeling theory (1963) presents the rationale for cognitive process working behind deviant behavior. According to this theory, distinction between deviant and non-deviant behaviors is provided by conforming members of the society who also specify rules and norms. People tend to witness such labeling attached to them or others as a deviant character and then demonstrate behavior that is label-appropriate. Hence, people will accept these labels and then exhibit a behavior which is appropriate. I witnessed the same thing in my younger ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Journal Collection Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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