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Wall Street Protest - Essay Example

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Introduction It is evident that people are different in their abilities, knowledge, and interest. Therefore, provided with the same resource, people would use it for different purpose according to their specific needs. This usually does not favor the rest of the people…
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Wall Street Protest
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Download file to see previous pages The power accorded to any group of people is not usually as desired. As a result, different groups of people usually have differing views on how to share the resources available. The root of this problem is the limitation in the availability of sufficient resources to meet each and everyone’s need. As a result, it is usually a struggle for the fittest with the wealthiest persons having an added advantage. This is mainly because they usually use their power and capacity to set rules and regulations, which favor them. By using the laws set, they are able to access the resources without much struggle while leaving the other people lacking in the resources. Since the resources may be very necessary for personal or professional development, the oppressed usually come together to look into the problem at hand. When the group discusses, they usually emerge with numerous approaches to the problem. Some of the solution proposed may be very physical or technical and may sometimes constitute damage. When the group of people having the possession of the resource are approached and asked to share it with the less privileged, they usually do not agree, which brings forth the struggle. The less privileged usually find it hard in having control of the resource from the wealthy as they usually lack in the necessary support but unity between them is usually very helpful. Social conflict is mainly manifested through inequality, power, competition, and exploitation. At some time, the conflict acts as a turning point thus bringing forth revolution. This is evident in the recent cases of Arab spring in northern African countries such as Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt. In these countries, the conflict in interest over the resources available and leadership were the root causes of the uprising. Despite many people suffering and in extreme cases death occurring, the merits reaped from the revolution outweigh the negative impact caused. Despite this, cooperation between the persons is necessary in order to ensure that they achieve the set goals. The race and gender has been one of the aspects that have been accorded consideration in the modern world. This is mainly because discrimination has been evident where people of a specific race or gender are denied their rights in some activities. A good example is that of the blacks in the United States of America being denied right to study in institutions of higher education in the country despite them being citizens. This brought more division among the people, which was not good for the economic and social development of the country. The main notion behind this discrimination is that people from some races and gender are inferior. Contrary to this, when these two groups of people with same knowledge and training are assigned a similar duty, they perform it almost similarly. Theories on Social inequality (A). Biculturalism This refers to the interaction of two distinct cultures. In most cases, the cultures involved usually have unequal status but they are joined together by an economic or political structure. The culture is observed to be a very strong force determining the character and behavior of a person as guided by its norms. Since parents usually influence their children’s decision, biculturalism is observed to have a direct or indirect effect on the intergenerational differences. From the teaching obtained, the people in this category usually have an in depth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wall Street Protest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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