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The Future of the Institution of Family - Essay Example

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The Future of the Institution of Family Outline Paragraph 1: Introduction: Situating the Transformation of the Family Structure Paragraph 2: Same-sex Marriage in America Paragraph 3: Same-sex Marriage and the Church Paragraph 4: On Gay Adoption Paragraph 5: On Gender Roles Paragraph 6: Functional Structuralist View on Homosexuality Paragraph 7: Dualisms between Man and Woman Paragraph 8: Bloch’s View on Same-sex Marriage Paragraph 9: Feminist’s Point of View on Same-sex Marriage Paragraph 10: Conclusion According to Macionis and Plummer (580), family as an institution is structured by the relationship through blood or even adoption, and by tradition, is built around marriage…
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The Future of the Institution of Family
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The Future of the Institution of Family

Download file to see previous pages... As the traditional set-up of having nuclear family, which consists of father and mother united by marriage and child or children, is witnessed to be declining, the formation of family is noted with the following transformations such as increase in marriages ending up with divorce, rise of couples living in together without marriage or cohabitation, growth of out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and even single parenthood. Along with the breaking down of the long-established family structure in United States, the homosexuals, belonging to the marginalized group, are engaged in such continuous efforts on gender equality. One among their feminist struggles is pushing their right to marriage. Though most Americans who are against same-sex unions regarded homosexuality as immoral (Peplau and Fingerhut 413), some homosexuals have turned out to be more recognized and more accepted at the social level even at the face of discrimination. Because of this, same-sex partnerships also have thrived in the society. Marriage between same sexes is possible to take place in a few states. As such, this also imposes a threat on the conventional family arrangement for it may be the case that the future of the institution of family is something no longer solely operating at the patriarchal axis of power. Yet to come is a family which is more open to the shifts in its structure for the normative and cultural standards should not be only heterosexist. According to Kimmel (144), lesbian mothers are approximated to be between 1.5 million to 5 million while gay fathers are roughly estimated to be around 1 million to 3 million. In those countries where same-sex unions are more acknowledged, homosexual couples are permitted to adopt children and be their own. Indeed, the right to adoption is included in the liberal advocacy of lesbians and gays (Rogers; Marcionis and Plummer 580-585). However, it is important to note that even with the few successful outcomes towards gender equality of these homosexuals’ advocates, like that of marriage and adoption, it is not unrestricted from negative criticisms. Coming from the conservative view of Christian, Rogers (2) findings have stated that gay couples are not suitable for adoption on the basis of the following grounds: first is that gays are significantly found to be promiscuous; second is because gays directionally have more tendencies of committing suicide; third is that domestic violence is rated significantly higher among gays; and lastly, relationships are found out to be directionally unstable among gays. There also are indications and literatures which support that pedophilia is being practiced by gays and that it is even an essential element of being gay (3). Roger (4) has claimed that the traditional nuclear structure of father and mother support arrangement is still the most suitable for children. Gender serves as a domineering structure that influences the family (Allen and Walker 4). The contrasting behaviors of both father and mother cause a very stimulating atmosphere for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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