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Family History For Sociological Research - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Using sociological imagination to examine myself with the aid of my family history Introduction I will not be wrong to say that sociology is a discipline that is worth attention. Through its study one can change his or her view of life…
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Family History For Sociological Research
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Download file to see previous pages It is a fact that I “think myself away” from normal or familiar daily life routines (Robert and John 33). Thesis statement: Through the analysis of sociological imagination which refers to ability or capacity to shift from one perspective to another perspective, this paper should: Explain how sociological imagination has changed me from examining my family’s income to making comparative assessment of global national budgets, thus being concerned with Korea’s economy (Robert and John 6). Explain how I have shifted to being psychological from being political thus ready to work for Korea despite its war issues of the past. Work and social class Considering my class background I can say I was brought up in a poor family. This is indicated by the fact that my father and mother were poor to an extent of not being able to raise three children thus taking my sister to be raised up by my grandparents. Although my parents were poor, they were actually hard-working making me to realize that poor people should not be neglected but be assisted. My mother ensured that she did not wait for our dad to provide family needs since he is the head of the family. She worked at an insurance company which involved a lot of travelling from one city to another city but she ensured that our house always remained neat. I use to find it awkward when my mum engaged herself in insurance job but with sociological imagination I have discovered that men and women are suppose to work together. Despite the fact that my mother was hard-working I felt neglected since she had no time to be with me. As any other young child, I wanted to be with my mother but this was not achieved. However, when my dad got a better job and left IMF, my mother left her insurance job and became a housekeeper but I was no longer young at that time. Social mobility which is people’s movement from one social class to another was positive since we moved vertically upwards when my father changed his profession. However, we got back to our low class due to International Monetary Fund as seen below. But I currently appreciate the role of IMF since it aids the whole public but not a single home as it aided us as seen below: My father being the head of the family struggled to ensure that our family was successful. He moved from one job to the other looking for greener pasture to make her family happy. First, my father was employed by Samsung Electronics Company. Second, he began owning supplementary educational institute indicating how he was hard-working as upward social mobility was seen. He also did his parental roles of advising his children. He used to tell us to work hard in school in order to join his education institute. Nevertheless his hard-work was destroyed by the coming of International Monetary Fund which made many people jobless thus making the social mobility to be downwards (Robert and John 7). I was very disappointed as we were made poor again and yet our class had begun to rise making me to hate International Monetary Fund (IMF). The painful part of it was that my father ended in a leasing service job thus beginning from the bottom again and yet he had improved in terms of class. Since I know the services of International Monetary Fund I appreciate its role to the public despite what it caused to my family. Culture and socialization Our family being an agent of socialization was deprived ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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