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Contemporary Dickens: Interdisciplinary Research and Criticism, 2001-present - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The aim of this bibliography is to provide the literature student with access to research and analysis of the writings of Charles Dickens between 2001 and the present day. This is not a bibliography of resources for a biography of Dickens, or for a study of critical views of Dickens over time, but more for the student looking at the ways Dickens is being researched and studied at the present time.
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Contemporary Dickens: Interdisciplinary Research and Criticism, 2001-present
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Extract of sample "Contemporary Dickens: Interdisciplinary Research and Criticism, 2001-present"

Download file to see previous pages New York: Oxford University Press.
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The third section refers to psychological and medical phenomena observed and described in Dickens' works. Each section is divided into books, periodicals, and graduate research. All of these writings are intended for an academic audience, rather than articles written in popular magazines. The time period (2001-present) guarantees that the research will represent contemporary lines of thought. There has been no hard limit placed on place of publication, because of the universal availability of Dickens' works.
Sussler, J. 2002. Nobody's fault: the study of an escape artist in English culture. Master's Thesis, Department of English, Central Connecticut State University. Retrieved on December 14, 2005 from
This report outlines the search strategy used to create a bibliography of 60 items concerning recent critical views and interdisciplinary research about the life and writings of Charles Dickens, for an audience of undergraduate and graduate researchers. The search was designed to identify and utilize a range of bibliographic sources so as to ensure that a wide spectrum of research was included. The strategy has three parts:
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