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Political Election Campaign Cartoon - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Political Election Campaign Cartoon Elian the immigrant In this picture, it represents Elian, a young Cuban boy scooped by the great SWAT group in Miami in1999 back to Cuba. Elian’s fascinating story clocks the newsrooms when Fidel Castro a communist dictator commands the boy shipped back…
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Political Election Campaign Cartoon
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Download file to see previous pages During his escape against the communist paradise, he was shipwrecked with his mother and later in 1999; he was rescued at the Florida coast. Unfortunately, his mother was not lucky. The relatives of the young five-year-old boy wished to stay with the young man in Miami. This brought misunderstanding as his father who was very loyal to Castro wanted him back to Cuba. Clinton’s administration later decides that the young man would be in the proletariat Cuban kingdom with his alleged biological father. Elian’s relatives became a big problem, as they demanded Elian to stay in US. They asserted that US was a free and a capitalist state. Most of Elian’s relatives had escaped from the Cuban jails. According to Bill Clinton, he proposed that the boy shipped to Cuba. This was because Cuba was a federal state and all his liberal cronies supported him. Janet Reno the attorney general sent a huge squad of officers when relatives of Elian were reluctant to comply with the US government. The soldiers were ready for combat through their clothes. They were ready in black BDU, helmets, and body armors with automatic weapons ready to grab Elian from his kin. Several cartoonists have now represented this cartoon via the internet to supplement its knowledge. Thus, internet is preferred due to the faster flourish of political humor. The cartoon elicits several feelings about Clinton’s government. This might be the real picture of the zealous government of Clinton and it irritates and makes the viewers angry. As such, it might be a show of Reno’s misuse of power because Reagan could not allow this to happen. From the cartoon, Clinton is a simpatico who exercised Marxist dictatorship. The best cartoon mocking the GOP candidates The cartoon features internal feuds in Republican candidate John Huntsman campaigns, which are drastically erupting among the US. This is evident in the dueling camps, the exodus of his campaign team and the trading charges that he is exhibiting. His family members have fret due to prospects, which have endangered the turmoil most probably standing helplessly by the pit. Furthermore, huntsman himself is worried about the missteps and the lost hopes he has undertaken. Furthermore, he is looking forward towards a future with less drama, increased contrasts with his opponents and increased money. One of his campaign managers addresses this publicly during his resignation. Fischer another campaign manager who resigned has seconded these facts and his information was in corroboration with the information that his close friends had revealed about the divided campaigns factions of his loyal men who could not bear with the situation but instead leave him. From the cartoon, we can deduce that Huntman is lonely after departure of his friends and campaign managers. The cartoon shows a pit, which someone is falling who we can easily guess is Huntman. There are inscriptions “pull due to gravity” which relates the opposition he is facing in the republican and the nature of the American voters; most probably, they will dismiss him in 2012. These pulls due to gravity are the views from his close allies in the campaigns who have stood aside and watch him fall without rescue. This is because it is beyond their help and they watch him helplessly fall. The cartoon best fits the situation due to the competition from the premature Republican campaigns. The pull could be due to Obama’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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