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The Need for National Legislation Against Distracted Driving - Essay Example

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This paper outlines the problems of driving which are connected to mobile phone. The mobile phones of the world have taken over the lives of the people who were supposed to use it only for the ease and convenience in communication that it offered. …
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The Need for National Legislation Against Distracted Driving
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Download file to see previous pages The problem of mobile use while driving has gone from the local government level to the national government level. This report hopes to prove that there is a need for national legislation on this increasingly growing traffic problem and that there is a swelling public support for such types of laws. 11 states in the U.S. have already acknowledged that mobile phone use has caused a rise in accidents and casualties. Most of these states have already passed state laws to protect the citizens against distracted drivers. But that is not enough. According to recent data gathered by Dr. Ship driver distraction is a real concern for most transportation experts. However, it is hard to determine exactly what percentage of vehicular accidents are caused by distracted drivers who are using their mobile phone for either calling or texting at the time of the accident. Dr. Ann Ship further explains that: one study showed that talking on a cell phone while driving posed a risk four times that faced by undistracted drivers and on a par with that of driving while intoxicated. Another study showed that texting while driving might confer a risk of collision 23 times that of driving while undistracted. With over 81 percent of our population admitting to talking or texting on their mobile phones while driving, it is quite understandable when we see statistics such as 1.6 million traffic accidents (21% of crashes) being flashed before our eyes on the local and national news. What is evident from this particular data is that not even the existence of hands-free medical devices have made using a mobile phone while driving a safer activity. ( Dr. Ann Ship, “The Most Primary of Care -- Talking About Driving and Distraction”). With ever increasing mobile phone gadgets that will most likely take the driver's attention away from the road as he drives, something must be done to protect these drivers from themselves in order to protect the people around them as well. Research done in 2003 by the Gallup Organization (Sundeen, “Cellphones and Highway Safety: 2005 State Legislative Update” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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