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Using a cell phone should be banned during driving - Research Paper Example

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The technology that we attain provides us with a large number of benefits and advantages. It makes tasks easy. However, their use and abuse is largely subjective in nature and depends on the users and the way they use it, as well as when they use it and in what manner…
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Using a cell phone should be banned during driving
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Download file to see previous pages The technology that we attain provides us with a large number of benefits and advantages. It makes tasks easy. However, their use and abuse is largely subjective in nature and depends on the users and the way they use it, as well as when they use it and in what manner.Various technological means have been attained over the past years, such as GPS, stereos in the car, mobile phones. Mobile phone is no exception and it is a ubiquitous device in modern times that is part of every house, every pocket, every building, yet its misuses are millions and dangerous at the same time.Many incidents get reported due to the reason that people drive and text or use the cell at the same time. The usage of every device should be such that it is in no conflict with the human safety. The modern day life has become extremely fast and demanding and traveling in present day and every individual travels between parts of the city, they aim at utilizing the time by talking over issues which might be pending or informing people about their arrival or action of plans while on the roads. While in old times the means of distraction were more of manual, in modern times the major source of distraction is the medium of digital communication known as mobile phone. Fatalities of this action are severe and large number of people loses their lives as a result of it every year. For this reason, strong debates are stirred across the world and in different cities for bringing about a regulation that directly bans the usage of mobile phone while on the road. Comparisons Drawn: While lots of stir is being created by this issue, and considering the high rate of casualties suffered every year, lots of research was inducted into this process and it was evaluated that the rates of casualties are as high as driving while drunk. It is equally dangerous and unsafe to drive using cell phone. No one can deny or advocate against driving in state of being under influence of alcohol. The studies have shown similar dangers and threats, thereby they provide a strong reason why cell phone usage should be banned during driving (Strayer, Drews The horrifying part of the fact is that the incidents pose threat not only to the individual driving but those on the road, in other cars, who without any wrong doing suffer due to the mistake of one. Hence it is a severe condition and therefore has caught attention and being asked for banning of cell phone all over while on the highways. Reasons: Distraction: The human mind is built in such a manner that it can handle one thing at time. So are the hands. They can serve a purpose only one at a time. If driving, an individual is bound to concentrate or lend the hands to driving. In such cases there is no margin for performing any other activity as such which also includes mobile usage. Human mind is not adapted to multi tasking, while driving the driver is bound to focus his mind and eyes on the road, the surroundings and all the necessary factors which ought to be taken in to consideration for the purpose of safe driving. It is a great source of distraction and with mind occupied someplace else, it leaves the body helpless and in a state of paralysis with mind and sensors being stuck in the place where the voice and events are coming from. Threat to Life: Death is not the only casualty suffered in such mishaps. Often it leads to handicapped life, lose of property, damage to the young ones on the road, the passer bys and many other possibilities. The Need for Discouraging such Practices: With the technology becoming so advanced that everything is becoming portable, vehicles these days are fully loaded with all the electronic and digital equipment. This includes the cell phones, the display screens. These car users, while in the rush aim at saving few minutes and check the emails, talk to their acquaintances on the phone while driving and result in serious damages of various kinds. All these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Using a cell phone should be banned during driving

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