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Should Drivers be Allowed to Use Cell Phones while Driving - Research Paper Example

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This paper takes into consideration the issue, should drivers be allowed to use cell phones while driving? The issue of drivers using cell phones during driving is regarded as an unlawful act in most of the countries because due to cell phone usage the attention of the driver is diverted …
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Should Drivers be Allowed to Use Cell Phones while Driving
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Download file to see previous pages This divided attention can become a cause of some mishap that should be considered significant by the drivers. The government should take essential legislative actions for the control of this problem as with increasing cell phone usage, the usage of a cell phone by drivers during driving is also increasing that poses a threat to traffic security.
Cell phones are gaining reputation day by day. With the passage of time, it is seen that people all over the world make use of cell phone as a necessity. Being a quick and portable source of communication, it has eased the whole process of communication. Nowadays, every person can be seen with a cell phone nearly. We cannot regard cell phones as wholly advantageous. There are also some factors that can be considered disadvantageous and are connected to cell phone usage such as drivers using a cell phone while driving. Drivers make use of cell phones while driving that cannot be considered useful in any sense (Violanti and Marshall 1996). The attention diversion becomes a cause of several road accidents. There have been a lot of studies conducted on the issue of cell phone usage while driving and most of the writers indicate that cell phone usage is disadvantageous for drivers while driving. The drivers should not make use of cell phone while driving and there should be strict laws for restricting drivers so that they can abstain from using cell phones while driving.
People have started relying on cell phones largely due to which, they do try to abstain from its use while driving.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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