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Australian Indiginous Death in Custody Case - Essay Example

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Australian Indigenous Death in Custody Case Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Peter Campbell was an indigenous Australian male born in the year 1946 near Rivers Murray’s mouth. Located in the Southern side of Australia, on Lake Alexandrina’s shores was Point Macleay where his ancestors had settled in 1859 by an association from a Protestant missionary group promoting holistic well being of natives of South Australians…
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Australian Indiginous Death in Custody Case
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Download file to see previous pages His ancestors were active members of his community and are recorded to have been industrious fellows who had battled many shortcomings such as the always inadequate land supplies in efforts to rehabilitate the previously destroyed communities. The land was however acquired by the government managing the South Australian Side who brought in white settlers to manage the now established well-farmed land and dairy farming, needless to say, much to the disappointment of the Aboriginals. For the white settlers, this was considered their temporary homes even though there was major segregation and discrimination of the aboriginals. As with the other children his age, Peter underwent schooling up to Grade 7 which in normal schools outside Point Macleay, would have compared to Grade 5, thus making it hard for him to join high school. This clearly went to show the different rights and privileges accorded to the aboriginals usually of lower standards than the whites did (Hunter, 1993). He joined his father in activities such as rabbit trapping, wood cutting and fencing amongst other odd jobs together with the some of his age mates. Peter’s stay in the mission ended in 1963 due to an odd incident whereby 39 young boys were charged with carnal knowledge when a young girl was discovered pregnant. The circumstances by which the young boys were charged were very marred and efforts to investigate on the same bore little fruits since they took place much later. The young boys including Peter’s little brother Alan were excommunicated from the mission even if Alan at the time, 14 years old, did not have any sexual experience and did not even know of the proceedings that had convicted him only remembering being told to plead guilty. Even if Peter was not included in this conviction, he was left lonely and that prompted him to move to Adelaide to live with his aunt while the brother, who after being excommunicated went to live with the grandfather but joined Peter in Adelaide after some time. For Peter, criminal life started right then in 1963 when he was 16 with the first crime for begging alms and though no penalty was given, he was soon back in crime now being charged with drunkenness which at the time was illegal for an aboriginal. The two years later were almost spent at reformatory with crimes ranging from illegal use of motor vehicles theft. Experiences at the reformatory just toughened him up for the world outside and after the age of 18years to 21 years, he spent almost the entire time in jail due to illegal use of motor vehicles, which the brother explained were for use in robberies. Thereafter, Peter’s lifestyle alternated between jail and his new home in Murray Bridge. In 1970 when Peter was 23, he got a job but moved back to Adelaide where he was arrested again for similar offences as in the past. After his release, he returned home and acquired his old job alongside his father. Bouts of drunkenness increased with time with violence registered during his stupors. He was laid off work in a strike and returned to Adelaide where he battered his wife and police officers. Thereafter he left to Brisbane where he was arrested for driving a stolen car and was sentenced to two years from1972. Upon release, he did not return home nor make any contact with family save for one letter in the late seventies congratulating her for the birth of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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