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The basic concept of managing diversity accepts that the workforce consists of a diverse population of people. It is founded on the belief that harnessing these differences will create a productive environment in which everybody feels valued, where their talents are being fully utilised and in which organisational goals are met”. …
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Contemporary personnel perspectives
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Diversity encompasses both acceptance and respect for one another. It can be used to mean recognising that individuals can be different considering their races, cultures, and even sexual orientation. It means understanding that all individuals are unique and vary in different ways. These differences can be seen in ethnicity, race, gender, age, socio-economic status, political beliefs, sexual orientation, physical abilities, religious beliefs and other ideologies. Diversity is the exploration of differences in a positive, nurturing and a safe environment. It can be used to mean many things according to peoples’ understanding. In work places, or organizations, diversity aims at promoting equal opportunities in the work environment and retention programmes in order to ensure that the minority groups stay. Diversity also promotes dealing fairly with all individuals in the organisation, recruiting people with various backgrounds, promoting different cultures in the workplace, and producing public materials in order to promote the company and branding it as being diversity friendly. Organisations that promote diversity with tolerant employees who respect the differences have several benefits. For instance, it assists the organization in creating a work environment where the entire members feel valued and respected.
Finally, diversity is considered to play a very important role in the business success. However, the inclusion of various, ethnic, gender, sexual identity and religious groups in the workplace can make other employees uncomfortable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Contemporary Personnel Perspectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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